How to Manage Company Politics

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I spent my day navigating company politics. You will not find training programs on company politics or how to deal with them. Our latest episode of The Intuitive Customer podcast addresses office politics and how to manage them effectively.

How Exemplis Commits to Company Culture and CX Improvement

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In this episode, Aurelia tells us about the impressive company culture at Exemplis, and how she’s been supported in her role to lead the company’s CX into the future. Commit to Developing Your Company’s Culture.

How Service Management Software Benefits Your Company’s Growth


The Right Field Service Management Solution Yields Long-Term, Recurring ROI. But the benefits of field service management (FSM) software mean you can achieve profitable growth without bloated long-term operating costs.

Who’s Hiring Journey Managers?

Kerry Bodine

The emerging role of the journey manager represents one of the most important developments since the creation of the Chief Customer Officer, yet many in the customer experience field have yet to encounter a journey manager within their organizations—or to develop a working knowledge of their typical job responsibilities and challenges. million product managers that you’ll find today on LinkedIn, journey managers number fewer than 2,000.

Customer Context at the Speed of the Conversation

Six differences between customer-focused companies and operations-focused companies


Many companies that claim to offer good customer service in reality are grounded in an operations’ mentality with rules and policies that allow for little flexibility, preventing them from rising above anything more than average or satisfactory.

On strategic management in CX

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This will be a shorter post — end of the year and holidays — but I know a lot of people are thinking about strategic management as they transition from one calendar year to the next. One-company accountability, leadership, and culture. Your thoughts on strategic management?

CXone Cloud Contact Center Software Helps Energy Company Soar

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As one of Europe’s largest and fastest-growing energy producer/retailers, the company has more than 20,000 employees and had been generating power—electricity and heat—in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

What is Quality Management Analytics?

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You’ve heard of quality management (QM), and your contact center probably has a quality program in place today. Thus, Quality Management Analytics harnesses the power of analytics and leverages those insights to make your quality program more precise and efficient. Imagine that your company just launched a new product or program. To learn more about NICE inContact Quality Management Analytics Pro, start by watching this fun, relatable overview video!

Optimize Your Customer Experience Management Strategy


At the same time, 54% of respondents said that the customer experience at most companies needs to improve. . So although the customer experience has repeatedly proven to be critical to every company’s success, improving it remains a major challenge. In response, many organizations have begun rolling out a new function called customer experience management (CXM). What is customer experience management? The basic mechanics of customer experience management.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

New study reveals that companies must first focus on themselves. text messaging, and a company’s. companies are stepping up. companies across all industries. And companies with the. percent for companies with weak. channels, companies must create.

3 Leading Companies’ Method for Listening to Customers

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In order to understand how customer-focused companies design processes for listening to customers, we need to start by thinking about the three types of listening: Unaided or volunteer listening. The way to avoid this mess around surveys is to move towards one-company leadership.

Customer Success Manager Job Description


Customer Success Management is a dynamic role, and job responsibilities can vary depending on a company's maturity, culture, and vision. With demand consistently outpacing supply, hiring Customer Success Managers is no easy feat. Customer Success Management

The State of Voice of the Customer (VoC) for B2B Companies


Many companies are still finding their footing when it comes to implementing technology and moving the needle with CX improvements. If companies don’t become more discerning with their survey programs, survey fatigue will start to mean fewer, less accurate responses. .

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Who’s Hiring Journey Managers?

Kerry Bodine

The emerging role of the journey manager represents one of the most important developments since the creation of the Chief Customer Officer, yet many in the customer experience field have yet to encounter a journey manager within their organizations—or to develop a working knowledge of their typical job responsibilities and challenges. million product managers that you’ll find today on LinkedIn, journey managers number fewer than 2,000.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

companies deal with transformation can make or break them. And what sources of information do companies rely on. companies rely on to inform their decisions. The findings suggest an alarming problem: companies lack sufficient insight. However, a company that is.

Modern Marketing Strategies Every Company Needs to Try Today


After several weeks of analysis and market survey, I’ve come up with a list of the best modern marketing strategies every company needs to try today. Long tail keywords mean that a Google user already has an idea in mind and that they’re looking for a company to fulfill their needs. Nielsen states that 92% of people are more likely to believe another person rather than a company’s marketing strategy. Use tools like HootSuite for easier social media management.

Why Employees Quit Managers, Not Jobs

Kristina Evey

You’ve seen the press about managers leaving companies because of their managers, not their jobs. I’ve had two conversations this … Read More Why Employees Quit Managers, Not Jobs. The post Why Employees Quit Managers, Not Jobs appeared first on Kristina Evey. Customer Experience Emotional Intelligence internal customers Leadership

6 Actions to Build a Company that Would Make Your Mom Proud

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After studying hundreds of forward-thinking organizations and leaders, I’ve observed six actions that build companies that show up as “make-mom-proud” companies: meaning that they grow, by taking actions in their business congruent to those valuable life lessons we all learned as kids.

How to Stop Hiring Toxic Employees (A Lesson for Every Company)

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We hired someone who spoils our company culture. They spoil team alignment, alienate others and are typically only cordial to your company’s best clients. A sample of my interview process that has been replicated 100+ times by companies like yours. We’ve all done it.

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

depending on the channel used (39 per- cent) as the second biggest challenge, while having too many calls to manage. meets their complex needs, agents must manage. from the company, and they’ll expect it faster than ever. the organization, giving agents—and the company as.

The Future of Customer Experience for B2B Companies


Earlier, a large part of B2B companies simply ignored customer experience management as a whole. In 2015, only 3% of B2B companies valued customer experience as an integral part of company culture. What is the main challenge for you in customer experience management?

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Live Chat Mistakes Companies Make And How To Avoid Them


It’s one of the hardest, easiest things that a company can do to provide stellar support. While we do have a pretty neat compilation of live chat statistics , no one has all of the answers on what the perfect live chat process for your company looks like. Live Chat.

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How to Create a Local SEO Strategy for B2C Companies


These six strategies will help B2C companies who are just getting started with local SEO. Optimizing for local is so extremely important for B2C companies. Education Start Managing ReviewsThis article is written by Holly Rollins. Holly is the president and owner of 10x digital.

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All about Panel Management Software

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What is Panel Management Software? Panel management software is a tool that helps companies create a customized portal for their panel. Using this software makes it easy for companies to recruit, segment and maintain their panels. What is a Research Panel?

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

metrics by which workforce management (WFM). impact your company’s. profitability—for instance, a company with an average. like for your company, you need to determine. companies adequately plan staffing requirements and budget.

Change Management Part 1: Why Companies Fail to Change


91% of companies have experienced a failure when trying to launch an organizational change initiative. Most often, there’s one key component that’s missing from change management—motivated and empowered people. The post Change Management Part 1: Why Companies Fail to Change appeared first on Strativity. Organizational Change is Essential Adapting to change is critical to survival in both business and in.

Astea International Earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Company of the Year Award in Mobile Field Service Management


a leading global provider of field service management and mobility solutions , announced today that it has earned the 2018 Company of the Year Award in Mobile Field Service Management from Frost & Sullivan. Company Contact: Emily Hackman.

A 3-Stage Approach to Your Company’s New Customer Experience

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TECO is a utility company that provides electric and natural gas services in Tampa, Florida, and gas services across the state of Florida. And I don’t know that there are too many people that are motivated by accomplishing customer, or accomplishing company goals as you are.’

How a Company Reacts to a Crisis Says a Lot About its Customer Centricity


In the UK, there was a recent, highly publicised “significant and sustained cyber-attack“ on the Telecom company Talk Talk’s website. The post How a Company Reacts to a Crisis Says a Lot About its Customer Centricity appeared first on C3Centricity.

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers

Speaker: Tony Medrano, CEO of

Strategies for CCO Success in Startup Companies with Rosalyn Curato

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Rosalyn Curato , CCO of Allovue , a startup EdFinTech (education financial technology) company, knows how to leverage this skill. Focus on Retention and Establish Relationship Managers.

Intraday Management — GPS for the Contact Center

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As I slogged along the 101 here in Southern California recently, I realized that my navigation is a lot like the intraday management and reforecasting capabilities available within workforce management platforms. First, What Is Intraday Management? For example, leveraging 40+ advanced patented algorithms and machine learning, CXone Workforce Management Pro can deliver the most accurate predictions of future call volume and create optimized schedules accordingly.

Customer Success for Service Companies

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For a service company, the operations could be focusing more on renewals and upsells, keeping the communication lines open and responsive, enlightening the client about new solutions you can offer, or checking up on dormant accounts that are likely to churn.

The Science of Predictive Customer Experience Management


times the customer lifetime value of other companies. Fortunately, there’s a method to Customer Experience Management. Through surveys, you generate valuable data about what customers think about your company.

4 Strategies to Boost Agent Productivity

Speaker: Melissa Pollock, Customer Success Officer, AmplifAI

Managing Infinite Customer Journeys


Be the Customer Journeys All-Star at Your Company. The post Managing Infinite Customer Journeys appeared first on Optimove Smart marketers should always recognize the different touchpoints for customer engagement with their brand, products, and services.

Blue Ocean Promotes Sean Miller to Director of Workforce Management


Sean Miller, Director of Workforce Management. Blue Ocean, an award-winning provider of customer care solutions, announces that Sean Miller has been promoted to Director of Workforce Management.

Q&A From My Webinar: The Path To Journey Management

Kerry Bodine

Two weeks ago, I delivered a webinar called “The Path To Journey Management” in partnership with Intouch Insight , a CX management solutions provider. I hope you’ll watch the webinar if you haven’t already — and that you’ll find the answers below helpful on your own path to journey management. Journey Managers. Why is it a journey manager , and not a director? I look at this role as being structurally similar to that of a product manager.

When Company Culture creates Limited Professional Stories

One Millimeter Mindset

When company culture creates limited professional stories, employee experience is not as positive as it could be. Or does company culture create limited professional stories? Discover the Voice of the Employee in your company.

Hybrid CX (Pt 3) - Why Organizations Feel Pressured To Go Digital And How To Help Them

Speaker: Errol S. van Engelen, Author, Speaker and Independent Advisor