Understanding Customer Experience Management


What is Customer Experience Management? The goal of CXM — and therefore of any customer experience management software — is to help an organization respond to and exceed customer expectations, helping increase satisfaction, drive loyalty, and reduce churn.

Crush Contact Center Silos to Improve the Customer Experience


CEM Evangelist. Your contact center is hiding some of the richest, most valuable Voice of the Customer (VoC) information you have. You need to crush contact center silos if you are serious about putting the customer first. By Lorraine Schumacher.

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CEM Insights: When it comes to Omni-Channel Consistency, the Customer is Always Right


One of those expectations is that customers and prospects will have a consistent experience of your brand across all channels, from your website to your customer service center to your brick-and-mortar store. It suggests a lack of professionalism and care for the customer experience, which decreases trust levels and could result in lost sales. Customer feedback is gathered in real time and immediately routed to the frontline to take corrective action.

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3 Predictive Strategies to Drive Revenue and Impact the Bottom Line


Every customer experience team wants to improve their bottom line, but it’s usually one of the hardest things to make an impact on. While most customer experience platforms focus on increasing NPS because it’s a helpful indicator of customer intention, NPS is ultimately just a more easily measured, less accurate stand-in for true customer loyalty. They might say they really want more color options, but will be providing more customization increase sales?

Lesson #2: CX Measurement Is Hot, But It's Not What You Think It Is


As noted previously, the term VoC is frequently used to describe the measurement of the customer experience; so is the term customer experience management (CEM). A consulting firm mentioned in the introduction, Forrester , coined a third term: customer feedback management (CFM). Consider a telecommunications company whose business model is signing up customers for a one-year contract for various wireless services.

If you want a consistent experience across all touchpoints, you must ask for customer feedback at each one


in person, digital) you have with your customers is key to delivering a memorable customer experience. There are five channels that we see often at PeopleMetrics: websites, mobile app, contact center, in location, and field services (in the home): Websites: refers to customers visiting websites to gather information about a company. Contact Center: an important touchpoint where customers call for more information or assistance.

How to Tie Compensation to Your VoC Program


Yes, you should tie compensation to your Voice of Customer (VoC) program ( it’s the best way to get your people to actually use it! ). Your bonus program could be based on people achieving a particular NPS level or customer satisfaction score. Another approach is to base bonuses on having a certain number of completed surveys per month/quarter/year or having a low percentage of surveys returned with customer issues. Contact PeopleMetrics: About the Author.

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Choose the Right Customer Experience Data to Make a Difference


And while customer experience management (CEM) activities should be data-driven, it is hard to figure out which data to use. What will make the most impact as you expand your CEM program? What is the right customer experience data to measure?

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CX Secrets: CX Leaders Shouldn't Focus on Managing Feedback Systems


As a CX leader, do you ever feel like you're spending too much time setting up users and dashboards in your feedback management platform when you should be focusing on strategic ways for your organization to improve customer experience? Customer Experience CX Secrets Leadership

CX Secrets: The Importance of Aligning CX with Marketing


Customer Experience often lives within Marketing, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the two are always aligned. When advertising doesn't align with experience. At PeopleMetrics, we advise our clients to bring customer experience together with marketing.

Lesson #3: VoC Is Becoming The Single Source of Truth For All Customer Feedback On CX


The best VoC programs are squarely focused on integrating all types of customer feedback related to the customer experience. The result is that VoC becomes the single source of truth for all experiential customer feedback. Every company that is serious about being customer-centric and listening to customers must invest in a VoC software platform that helps them collect customer feedback, quickly understand what it means, and act on it.

2015 Temkin Group CX Vendor Excellence Award Winners

Experience Matters

In its third year, these awards recognize companies that provide products and services that help companies improve the customer experience they deliver. The CxVE Awards were judged by five noted customer experience experts: Mila D’Antonio (Editor-in-Chief at 1to1 Media), Desirree Madison-Biggs (Customer Experience/NPS Programs Director at Airbnb.), The result: happy, loyal customers. These are: Customer Journey Optimization.

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