Breaking down the walls: Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019

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This was my second year on the judging panel at the Loyalty Magazine Awards. Really, for those relatively few brands achieving impressive levels of customer engagement, it’s breath-taking how fast the industry has progressed in such a short time. ING Direct is one of those brands.

Not Hand Size! Heart Size! The Art of Engagement and Loyalty

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Real leaders care about the size of their heart particularly as it relates to how they care for their people!

Loyalty Magazine Awards 2018: Tales of the (Mostly) Expected…

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That’s been my feeling as I mull over this year’s Loyalty Magazine Awards, where Currency Alliance was proud to be Prime Sponsor. Brands are responding by offering immediate rewards to members. Then there were the brands integrating their loyalty initiatives with social media.

How to Write Powerful B2C Sales Letters and Emails, with 7 Real-Life Examples


Imagine this: two sales letters are sent out to the same customer from two different companies. But somehow, one sales letter ends up open on the customer’s desk – the other gets tossed in the garbage bin after a mere skim. Hooks aren’t only for sales letters.

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NPS: Achieving Brand Loyalty by Closing the Feedback Loop


Sure, sales are great, but nothing beats sales from repeat customers. And I’m still amazed at how too many people and brands neglect this fundamental driver of every great business: feedback. Promoters evangelize your brand.

Why Your Pizza Brand Needs To Measure And Optimize Its Digital Brand Experience

Second to None

While it may be challenging to think of your fast-casual pizza chain in these terms, the modern marketplace has forced all brands to shift towards a digital identity. This is especially true for pizza brands , because online channels help encourage more takeout and delivery orders. As the pizza industry becomes increasingly digital, it is imperative that your brand is positioned to compete online.

June Weddings Offer Brands Huge Social Love to Put to Work


Among the other spring occasions brands have to work with – both for selling and connecting to social audiences – are weddings. With June a particularly big month, with 12 percent of couples walking down the aisle, what can brands learn and leverage, whatever their category?

How Brands Can Leverage the Organic Value of Pinterest


Building your brand on Pinterest means you have the ability to have an organic presence together with paid ads, but it is often the organic Pins on Pinterest that can truly take on a life of their own.

Increase Sales through Ingenious Product Content – Here’s Your Guide


What your product pages offer in terms of content can mean the difference between a sale or a bounce, not to mention the SEO benefits. So here is your guide to crafting the product content that is going to generate increases in sales. Think product descriptions don’t matter?

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Loyalty personalization: harness deep insight through partner brands

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From a standing start of zero customer data some 20 years ago, brands became able to incentivize desired behaviors in highly-predictable customer segments. delivering more loyalty value so customers accelerate their path to rewards – keeping them engaged with your brand.

Engagement Experience fuels Customer Experience

One Millimeter Mindset

Engagement experience is all about how brand representatives reach out to customers. Even if we are a brand of one. Do we negatively bias customer inclination to further engage with us, our organizations and our brands? In spite of all of that initial, pre-sale noise.

Big Promises, Small Promises: Can Your Organization Keep Both?

Kerry Bodine

JetBlue built its brand on being a different kind of airline. When you make a big promise – the kind on which the character of your brand is built – will your CEO and Board of Directors have your back? Not tomorrow, not next week, and not next year – but for the life of your brand.

How Brands Can Leverage the Organic Value of Pinterest


Building your brand on Pinterest means you have the ability to have an organic presence together with paid ads, but it is often the organic Pins on Pinterest that can truly take on a life of their own. Khoros customers have proven that having an organic brand presence on Pinterest is one of the most powerful ways to connect meaningfully with target customers and reach goals in driving engagement, traffic, and conversion.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of May 6, 2019


7 Ways to Retain Customers’ Trust and Build Up Brand Loyalty by Mike Kappel. Entrepreneur India) 70% cent of consumers expects a personalized experience from brands and a mobile app is the perfect way to personalize communications with your customers.

You Don’t Have To Be Famous, Just Motivated: Anyone Can Influence Brand Behavior

Beyond Philosophy

In ham radio terms, they actively send and receive brand-related messages. 77% of brand conversations on social media are people looking for advice, information, or assistance (Mention). Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of February 25, 2019


Entrepreneur) Every brand touchpoint is important. Every interaction is a chance for your employees to communicate the experience that your brand provides. Brand Keys 2019 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index: Verified Trust = Brand Success by Robert Passikoff.

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Survata is Proud to Sponsor the Brand Knew Podcast


Brand Knew is a new bi-monthly podcast featuring interviews with marketing leaders of major national brands. Hosted by Austin Moorhead, the podcast will dive into how consumers are changing and what brand leaders are doing about it. Brand Knew Ep. #1:

Brand-loyal to a fault: Brainwashing or persistently positive customer experience?


Trying to be positive, I texted back that they were okay, but that he might want to consider another shoe or even another brand. That got me thinking about brand loyalty. Was my husband just being stubborn, or did he really feel he had no other option beyond his favorite brand?

RapportBoost Awarded “Most Innovative Product of the Year – Enterprise” by Best in Biz


December 3, 2018 – RapportBoost , the leading chat analytics provider for contact centers and brands that leverage chat for sales, took the bronze award in the 2018 Best in Biz’s “Most Innovative Product – Enterprise” category.

Are We reinforcing our organization’s Customer Disloyalty Program?

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Or will they ask those front-line individuals about the real root causes of decreased sales revenue? Each with their own, branded customer loyalty program. First, each brand’s loyalty program requires downloading a specific App. Customer disloyalty happens.

BOLD brands stick to their purpose. That’s how they stand out…

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In a recent photo-shoot for British Airways High-Life Magazine, sugru inventor, Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh, managed to combine (and dramatise) both of these principles at once by sticking herself to the ceiling of her offices to demonstrate the effectiveness of her product.

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Why Loyal Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset

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It’s easy to forget the important role your employees play in enhancing sales and attracting new customers, but when you nurture loyalty in the people that work for you, you’ll start to see some incredible benefits for everyone involved. How to Nurture Loyal Employees and Drive More Sales.

Customer Voice Management: Enabling Heroic Customer Relationships from the First Contact to the Last


This article was originally written by Bill Hoppin, EVP of Sales, Marketing and Alliances at TalkIQ for Opentalk Magazine. This asynchronous communication can be helpful when a brand needs time to review information and reply. Call Center Customer Service Sales Talkdesk

Priceless insight: A Q&A with Smithsonian Media’s Linda Lawrence on achieving early success with an insight community

Vision Critical

Staying in the consideration set of ad agencies, and the brands they represent, is a constant challenge. Syndicated research is expensive and often isn’t customized to match the brand of media companies and their partners. The community is our secret weapon for ad sales.

Consumer banking: money can’t buy loyalty

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Part of the solution is to take on some of the characteristics of a challenger bank – but that space is already crowded with lookalike competitors, and straying too far along this path may create branding problems for a venerable institution.

Loyalty Strategy 2019: How to Win in the Next Decade

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We believe these trends will occupy most brands’ efforts during 2019. Therefore, we offer this fairly extensive summary of what most brands should be doing with their loyalty programs to maximize business impact this year. One brand doing just this is Accor Hotels.

Social Media Influencers and Your Customer Experience

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Once upon a time, brands purchased advertisements which effectively influenced prospective buyers. network television, radio, newspapers, and magazines). Let’s look at the latter option – using influencers to drive product awareness and sales.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires—Top Benefits of Using Them


Customer satisfaction questionnaires, also known as Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys , keep your customers engaged with your brand, keep them feeling invested in their experience, and keeps them from churning away. According to CMO Magazine customer spend grows alongside trust , after building the relationship.

Are you serving your customers or smothering them?


On one hand, customers want to feel that they have a close, unique, real relationship with your brand. Any issue of Seventeen magazine will tell you that. Getting the inside sales callback: The outbound first impression that earns trust will earn sales.

How to Achieve Personalized Customer Service with AI Tools


consumers abandoned a brand due to lack of personalization and trust. Amazon reports that 35% of all their sales are generated by the recommendation engine. According to Chatbots Magazine , businesses can reduce customer service costs by as much as 30% with virtual agents and chatbots.

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Where Has All The Loyalty Gone?

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A long, long time ago (20 years) in a galaxy far, far away (actually main street USA) customers were basically loyal to brands. Shelagh Daly Miller, VP, Group Publisher for AARP Media Sales recently wrote a provocatively alarming article for Ad Age titled Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

Empathy Is the Most Critical Soft Skill and Has Been for at Least a Century

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Consider, if you would, that this book was originally published in 1936, has sold over 15 million copies, and was in the top 20 of Time Magazine’s most influential books. Talk to any sales representative or account executive to corroborate this POV.

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Look Beyond The Web: 7 Ways To Promote Your Small Business Offline

Joe Rawlinson

The purpose of using offline promotion is to help build trust with your brand. By having a real-world presence, you can build rapport with your clients and help to spread the word about your brand. Branded Merchandise.

Ryanair descends to new lows in customer service ratings

Helen Dewdney

Ryanair branded “arrogant” “sneaky and “greedy” Ryanair has been rated the worst firm for customer service out of 100 popular brands operating in the UK. Customers chose the word ‘helpful’ when given a list of words to describe the brand. Which?

CX Experts We Love

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She’s also a contributor to Forbes , the Harvard Business Review and Hemispheres Magazine. A seasoned CX pro, David was with the Global Consumer Insights team at Clorox and Head of Global Research and Brand Strategy at Fitbit before joining the venerable family history and genomics company.

How Your Business Can Quickly Adopt a Customer First Strategy


By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. MARKETING IS TOO BUSY BUILDING BRANDS. This might explain why they are still putting their efforts into brand building, sometimes to the detriment of their customers, consumers and clients.

Do Your Customers Talk About Your Products or Your Ads?

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Entrepreneur magazine offers up this: Advertising provides a direct line of communication to your existing and prospective customers about your product or service. If you''re seeing fewer customers, and year-over-year sales are down, take a good look inside.