Mattress Firm’s Contact Center Rises and Shines – Improving QA Scores and Average Handle Time

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But the Houston-based company was losing sleep over its two contact centers. With average handle time (AHT) down by 21%, adherence up by 31% and QA scores up from around 50% to 70%, the positive impact on customer satisfaction is unmistakable. The post Mattress Firm’s Contact Center Rises and Shines – Improving QA Scores and Average Handle Time appeared first on NICE inContact Blog.

Young Energy Improves Average Handle Time (AHT) and Motivates Contact Center Agents

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In fact, implementing NICE inContact CXone has resulted in significant improvements in everything from average handle time (AHT) to average speed of answer (ASA) to quality assurance scores.

Improve AHT: here’s how top contact center decision makers do it


Analysis of Average Handling Time is deeply entrenched in the customer service field and almost every contact center manager wants to improve AHT. AHT = Total Talk Time + Total Hold Time + Total Post-Call Work/Number of Calls Handled.

How to reduce Average Handling Time and improve quality


Date: Wednesday, July 4, 2018 Author: Anne-Merete Jensen - Senior Business Consultant How to reduce Average Handling Time and improve quality. Share knowledge through best templates A large proportion of consumer questions are asked multiple times, by a number of people.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

As a pioneer in AI for contact center customer service and customer. of AI, and eGain’s viewpoint on how it can be leveraged for contact. center customer service. Contact Center 1. in time to support the critical tax returns period, eGain Virtual.

14 Critical Call Center Metrics You Should be Tracking

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As a contact center manager, you’ve got a lot of metrics to choose from as your key performance indicators (KPIs). In this blog, we help narrow down this long list to help you focus on the metrics that, when improved upon, will really help your contact center thrive.

Intraday Management — GPS for the Contact Center

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Intraday reforecasting allows for the contact center to reevaluate needs based on the day-of trending of volume, average handle time, and service levels. Typically, the platform will display the number of expected contacts — aka the original forecast — alongside the days’ actuals so far by interval. For more ways on how to elevate your contact center, check out these resources.

New Ways to Think About Contact Center Quality Monitoring

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Contact center managers know that quality monitoring and management is necessary to maintain or improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Improving contact center quality is one of those activities that deliver perpetual benefits.

Virtual Agents in the Contact Center: Data Gathering Made Easy

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When it comes to reducing expenses within contact center operations, one of the best ways to do so is to reduce the amount of time that live agents spend on the phone. The post Virtual Agents in the Contact Center: Data Gathering Made Easy appeared first on NICE inContact Blog.

7 Contact Center Glossary Terms You Need to Know

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I could take you through a litany of common contact center terms and definitions … but why? To understand todays technologies and what they mean to your business is key to help make the right investments in your customer experience – here are some of the most researched contact center terms: . Cloud Contact Center – Cloud computing… applied to the contact center.

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

1The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era 2New study reveals heightened complexity of. 500 million to revamp the in-flight experience for its customers and improve customer relations in the contact. Contact centers have dramatically changed.

How to Cash in on Contact Center Failures

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If you’ve manage an aging contact center, then you’ve probably identified several inefficiencies which limit your success. Maybe its call volumes that exceed contact center capacity. Whatever the reason, when troubles reduce the contact center to nothing more than a tightly managed expense, it becomes very difficult to ask for improvements. These savings can then be applied to contact center improvements.

Computer Vision AI: The Secret Ingredient for Contact Centers


Today’s contact centers face a daunting challenge. Computer Vision AI – Reinventing the Contact Center. Live video calls through which contact center agents assist customers with their issues is the perfect environment for computer vision to demonstrate its worth.

Quantify your Contact Center Success with CCaaS and KPIs

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In our last post we talked about how using a “Contact Center as a Service” (CCaaS) may be a better use of resources as opposed to purchasing and maintaining contact center technology in your own data center. Explain how a contact center upgrade will improve KPI’s.

Omnipresent Contact Center Agents in the Age of Instant Gratification

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As cloud communications companies like RingCentral and inContact have matured, the contact center world has been seeing an increasingly rapid move to the cloud. At the same time, we see a trend away from traditional contact center metrics like average handle time, and towards newer, customer-focused metrics like customer satisfaction, or CSAT. Taken together, these two movements are bringing about real change in the contact center.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

1The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era 2New study reveals heightened complexity of. 500 million to revamp the in-flight experience for its customers and improve customer relations in the contact. Contact centers have dramatically changed.

Contact Center Resolution Number 2 – Improve AHT and Agent Engagement with Screen Pops

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“Hello Lauren, thank you for contacting customer service, what can I help you with today?” With good cloud-based contact center solutions, implementing agent screen pops have never been easier. However, benefits extend to other contact center metrics as well.

Virtual Agents are Automating the Contact Center: Natural Language Greeting & Intent Capture

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This is the first of four ways that virtual agents are automating the contact center. Navigating poorly designed DTMF touch-tone systems and single word command menus can cause issues with proper routing and ultimately result in internal transfers, which is a large expense for contact centers. You say, “Problem with my bill,” but since the system can only handle single-word commands, you’re forced to repeat it or try saying it another way, which also doesn’t work.

The Future of Intelligent Decision Support Systems in Contact Centers


These systems are relevant for many verticals including healthcare, finance, weather prediction, call and chat centers, desktop apps, info kiosks and more. . Current state of DSS in contact centers. Call centers are highly stressed environments.

How to Get Actionable Insight from your Contact Center Reporting


One that integrates clear directions with real-time data about road construction, traffic jams, tolls, and alternative route options. It’s the same for contact center reporting. In particular, it will help your call center establish smarter volume forecasting.

Add Mindfulness to Your Contact Center WFO and IVR Strategies


You may know from personal experience that low-performing, partially effective contact center technologies and overwhelmed customer service employees are not a winning combination. Being mindful with your contact center IVR and WFO strategies can help you get better at the things you care about for your business.

Value-Driven Knowledge Management: Introducing a New Model


This corresponds with a subtle shift in the customer service industry as a whole—a gradual yet significant transition from viewing the contact center as a cost center to a strategic enabler.

Are Your Bad Sleep Habits Ruining Your Contact Center Career?


In the contact center business, empathy is our bread and butter. With individual and team targets that can range from Average Handle Time to CSat scores to Grade of Service, the daily and weekly pressures to perform are intense. Call Center Agents Patty Isnor

ROI of Social Customer Service: How to Calculate It and Create a Strong Business Case

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Customer care extends far beyond the traditional call center. Once everyone is on board, it’s time to create some baseline metrics and goals and then determine what the ROI needs to be based on the program qualifications being set in place.

ROI 56

Driving Holistic Customer Engagement Excellence


As discussed in a recent blog post by Laurie Wickham, the 2017 Verint Engage Global Customer Conference took place recently in Orlando, Florida with attendees from 17 countries and a variety of industries.

Boost Growth and Lower Costs with AI and Cloud Contact Center Solutions

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Today, contact center leaders who embrace the cloud are quick to see its benefits – powering engaging customer experiences while positively impacting business outcomes. Use Next-Gen AI Reduce Handle Time and Service Cost. Decreased average handle time by 10 percent.

Full Speed Ahead with Analytics and Automation


They discussed how speech analytics can transcribe and analyze 100 percent of their recorded interactions between guests and the contact center to help surface valuable intelligence. These calls had the highest average handle time (AHT)—more than 19 minutes per call. The primary KPIs on the agent scorecard include available time , time in adherence to schedule , revenue per hour and total average quality score.

What is Call Wrap Up Time? 5 Ways to Reduce It in Your Contact Center


Reducing average wait time and average handle time in your contact can yield huge customer satisfaction increases for your business. In this blog, we outline what call wrap up time is and actionable steps you can take to reduce it in your contact center.

Three Simple Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love


This week as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time to remember the role that emotion plays in customer service. In a new article for Contact Center Pipeline , I discuss some simple, practical ways that organizations can demonstrate to their customers that they matter. Have you thought about that before? If you haven’t, consider how your positive feelings about a brand partly arise from the good feelings you had about a customer service experience—or several of them.

AI in the Contact Center – Sorry, No Chasm, No Trough!

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Sorry, no such thing for AI in the Contact Center this time around. eGain has many killer use-cases and real-world success stories for Contact Center AI from its blue-chip clients. 23% improvement in FCR (First-Contact Resolution). 50% reduction in agent time-to-competency across 10,000 agents and 550 retail stores. Agent training time reduced by 60%. 67% reduction in AHT (Average Handle Time).

10 Contact Center Management Mistakes & Best Practice Tips to Fix Them!


Contact center management is a difficult job. Therefore, in a throwback to the days of David Letterman, in reverse order, here are my Top 10 Contact Center Management Mistakes that should be avoided. As a call center manager, you absolutely need to have a training plan.

Tighten Up Your AHT Projections

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Average handling time, like the volume of contacts, must be incorporated into planning by the half hour. Assuming the same average handling time all day for forecasting purposes will not reflect the environment accurately.

Are You Using All That Workforce Optimization Has to Offer?


The benefits could include improved average handle time, first call resolution, reduced after-call work time, etc., These software robots can also automatically complete portions of the work for them, reducing the time spent to get that work done. Enhancing what you have to deliver better experiences. A question being asked within many organizations is—how can we deliver better customer experiences?

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers


Read the transcript below: Nicholas Rodriguez: …the highest priorities for Contact Centers that focus on the customer. So, Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center empowers companies to make their Customer Experience a competitive advantage.

Contact Center Metrics Tracking Toward Customer Centricity

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For too many years, contact center measurements have been focused on efficiency instead of customer experience. Metrics such as average handle time (AHT), number of contacts handled, average wait time, and average speed of answer have all been heavily used and tracked.

How to Measure Success in the Contact Center


Companies have adopted new technologies in their contact centers to support a more customer-first approach. Contact centers, before this change in focus to customer experience, had a straightforward goal: to handle as many calls as possible, as quickly as possible.

Tortoise or Hare – Which One Best Describes Your Contact Center?

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oz contact centers are sometimes too efficient for their own good leading to poor customer service and high agent attrition rates. It’s time to introduce a ‘less haste, more speed’ culture supported by the latest technology. to right-size your contact center.