Add Mindfulness to Your Contact Center WFO and IVR Strategies


You may know from personal experience that low-performing, partially effective contact center technologies and overwhelmed customer service employees are not a winning combination. Being mindful with your contact center IVR and WFO strategies can help you get better at the things you care about for your business.

What is Call Wrap Up Time? 5 Ways to Reduce It in Your Contact Center


Reducing average wait time and average handle time in your contact can yield huge customer satisfaction increases for your business. In this blog, we outline what call wrap up time is and actionable steps you can take to reduce it in your contact center.

What is Call Center Performance Management?


Call Center Performance Management is a program, generally led by a contact center operations manager, dedicated to calculating and improving the performance of contact center agents. Inherent bias can become an issue, as one call may be seen in different ways by different reviewers.

How to use your CRM to improve phone sales and service


But, did you know that by using a CTI adapter to integrate inbound and outbound phone calls with your CRM , you can extend your investment, while driving dramatic improvements in sales and service productivity. So what should you look for when selecting a CTI adapter and call center solution?

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Study: The Health of the Contact Center

sheer volume of calls (38 percent) and the. depending on the channel used (39 per- cent) as the second biggest challenge, while having too many calls to manage. percent naming call volume and 35 per- cent choosing different customer expe- riences across channels as their number.

3 Signs Your Call Center Software is Failing You


Over the years, call center software technology has made considerable strides. These technological advances have allowed both call center managers and agents to optimize their performance, giving way to better business outcomes and ultimately increasing profit.

How to Improve First Call Resolution, Reduce Call Volume & Accelerate Self-Help


For a business, that means high costs and inefficient call center operations. Call centers, therefore, want to improve first call resolution rate, reduce call volume, and excel at customer service while reining in high costs. has always been a challenge for call centers.

Three Assumptions made by Contact Centre Managers

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We weren’t flush with time, money or resources. They assumed that employees would break the system, make unhelpful changes to procedure manuals, write inappropriately on their personal pages, go off-message and lower production by wasting time. “You are crazy!