Helen Dewdney

Christmas consumer rights on East London Radio

Helen Dewdney

It’s probably more important than ever to know our consumer rights. Few people can afford to lose money when they are spending and at Christmas when our expenditure is higher, it’s essential to ensure you are not fobbed off. .

Make it a happy shopping Black Friday, not a scammy one

Helen Dewdney

Black Friday is upon us once again. This year it will be harder than ever to find real bargains. Researching last year’s Black Friday deals, Which? found that 98% of Black Friday deals weren’t worth buying last year.


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Su Winsbury talks taboos on East London Radio

Helen Dewdney

Su Winsbury, The Energy Queen. Su is a Spiritual Mentor, Wellbeing & Empowerment Coach and Healer with roots firmly in grounded in practical spirituality, health and wellness.

Bras and knickers on The Complaining Cow Consumer Show

Helen Dewdney

Janine Mcdonald’s Bras. Janine Mcdonald is a North West based declutterer and organiser. . She has 3,156 bras! Around 80% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong size bra. Janine, along with 2 other business women are on a mission for women to declutter their bras.

Create Engaging Scenario-Based Training on ANY Budget

Speaker: Tim Buteyn - President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

In this webinar, Tim Buteyn of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions will explore how to optimize learner engagement with scenario-based training. You'll learn what makes up scenarios, how they benefit the learner, and why this is important to your organization. You'll also dive into real-world examples across a wide range of budgets and look at how typical training content can be completely transformed.

How to shop safely online

Helen Dewdney

This is a guest post by James Blore. About James Blore. James is a chartered security professional and has worked in IT and security for over two decades. Founder of Bores.com.

Jo Mitchellhill talks tweens, teenagers and strategies

Helen Dewdney

Jo Mitchellhill parent coach. Jo Mitchelhill has had a successful career as a primary school teacher and foster carer. During her 20 years within education, Jo worked with many children who struggled with behavioural and emotional needs.

Saving money for the over 60s

Helen Dewdney

How to save cash when you are older. older households will still be living in fuel poverty this winter, according to AGE UK , despite the Government freezing the energy price cap. During this cost of living crisis, we are all looking for ways to save money.

Ellora Coupe talks about women, building and renovation

Helen Dewdney

Ellora Coupe founder of Her Own Space. Ellora is a project manager and interior designer. She has always helped women navigate a male-dominated industry so that they gain the confidence and knowledge to manage home renovations. Her father was a builder, renovating houses for over 35yrs in London.

CMA tackles fashion industry “Green Washing” claims

Helen Dewdney

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has today (29 July 2022) announced that it will investigate sustainability claims about fashion products sold by ASOS, Boohoo and George at Asda. What is green washing?

The Changing World of HR: Prepare Your HCM for the Future

Speaker: Mark Stelzner - Founder & Managing Principal at IA

Join Mark Stelzner of IA as he discusses how to optimize your current HCM system and the opportunities for new tech.

Every week should be Customer Service Week

Helen Dewdney

Customer Service Week is organised by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) and takes place during 3-7 October 2022. It is a week-long celebration of customer service.

Helen Dewdney talks to Paul Newton Mental Theft

Helen Dewdney

This week I spoke to Paul Newton on The Complaining Cow Consumer Show on East London Radio. Paul Newton is a Public speaker and magician. With a wide range of skills in magic, mind control, mental theft and hypnosis, he has built a large following by being entertaining and educational.

The Complaining Cow Consumer Show

Helen Dewdney

Today I started my new programme series – The Complaining Cow Consumer Show – on East London Radio. I’ll be talking all things consumer including money-saving, consumer rights, complaining effectively, etc. Expert guests and the occasional celebrity will be joining me.

Matt Allwright interviewed about consumer issues

Helen Dewdney

Matt Allwright, consumer journalist, writer, presenter and broadcaster. Matt Allwright is probably best known for presenting Watchdog and Rogue Traders.

CCO + CMO: A Winning Partnership for Accelerated CX Growth

Find out how collaboration between a CMO and CCO can enhance the customer experience and drive business growth in this new ebook.

10 Tips for saving money on food – Stop Food Waste day

Helen Dewdney

Today (27/04/22) is Stop Food Waste day. Whilst we will live through the ever growing cost of living crisis, we need to be saving money where we can as well as the planet. Kate Hall is a Food Waste Expert and Founder of The Full Freezer. and has written this helpful blog post to do just that.

Tips 72

Supermarket loyalty cards compared

Helen Dewdney

This is a more detailed version of the article The seven best supermarket loyalty schemes: From Waitrose to Lidl… are they any good and what are the best strategies to maximise savings? in the Financial Mail on Sunday 26/09/22. Loyalty cards have their benefits.

Aldi leads the chart as cheapest shopping choice

Helen Dewdney

For the second month running, Which? has found Aldi to be the cheapest supermarket. It looked at 47 different items including using comparable own brand labels. Published 15/08/22). Source Which? Which? findings.

Checking out the options: Self-service or Staffed?

Helen Dewdney

Self-service checkouts have been with us at supermarkets for the past twenty years. But it seems that there is now a push for even more and shoppers feelings about them are mixed. Recently Pat McCarthy set up a petition against Tesco titled Tesco Stop The Replacement of People by Machines.

Top Techniques for Coaching Your Contact Center Agents

Speaker: Francoise Tourniaire - Founder of FT Works, Omid Razavi - Chief Advocacy Officer at SupportLogic, and Gregory Walker - Senior Product Manager at SupportLogic

In this presentation, we will discuss the five elements of building a real-time coaching program using AI-infused workflows that will allow managers and agents to continuously engage and drive more constructive dialogue. Sign up today!

The Motor Ombudsman MD talks about dispute resolution

Helen Dewdney

Bill Fennell The Motor Ombudsman. Bill was appointed as the Managing Director of the Motor Ombudsman (TMO) in 2015. He brings a wealth of automotive knowledge as well as a passion for driving improvements in customer service to the role.

”Answer your phone!”, say frustrated customers

Helen Dewdney

New research published today. (13 13 October 2022) reveals that the “Top gripe” about customer services is phone calls not being answered promptly or even being answered at all. I am not surprised by the findings.

Telecoms complaints: Latest stats show no improvements

Helen Dewdney

Ofcom complaints. Today (18 October 2022) Ofcom released its latest figures regarding complaints about broadband, mobile, landline and pay-TV services. [1]. During the last reported quarter, from April to June 2022, the number of complaints was broadly in line with those of January to March 2022.

The Complaining Cow Consumer Show East London Radio

Helen Dewdney

Helen Dewdney, consumer champion presents The Complaining Cow Consumer Show on East London Radio. Different guests talk about a range of things on the weekly show. Most things relate to being consumers! All experts in their field, guests talk to a consumer expert!

Industry Shake-Up: 2023 Commerce Trends To Rock Your World

Speaker: Ashlee Aldridge - Reach Partners LLC | Bill Mirabito - Chameleon Collective | Ronak Shah - PSA Retail & CPG, Amazon Web Services | Wayne Teigen - Pivotree

Join this exclusive conversation with our expert panelists and learn how you can thrive as an e-commerce retailer - even when faced with adverse market challenges. Don't miss out; register today!

Bex Spiller anti-burnout expert on well-being/mental health

Helen Dewdney

Bex Spiller Anti-burnout club. Bex Spiller is a formerly burnt out entrepreneur who shut down her marketing agency in 2020 to launch the social enterprise, The Anti-Burnout Club.

From pastime to fulltime – How to turn a hobby into a job

Helen Dewdney

This is a version of the article Pastime to full-time: How the pandemic made us turn our hobbies into main jobs that first appeared on The Metro website 17 July 2022. People are turning their hobbies into jobs that fit better with their life styles and well-being.

Ellie Good on living sustainably with easy & cheap switches

Helen Dewdney

Ellie Good. Ellie is an illustrator who spends her days chasing her kids, working too much, walking in the woods, eating chocolate and laughing at her cat. . At the age of 7, Ellie pestered her local MP for glass bottle recycling. It worked! And from then on, campaigning for a fair respect for nature has been an integral part of her life. In 2009 Ellie published an indie magazine called EggMag, to encourage people to live ethically without living less.

East London Radio Show – Janine McDonald declutter expert

Helen Dewdney

This week I spoke to Janine McDonald on The Complaining Cow Consumer Show on East London Radio. Janine, is a down-to earth, fun-loving mum of two from Manchester.

Drips, Bots, and Blogs: A Non-Traditional Approach to Learning Reinforcement

Speaker: Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Officer, Learning Rebels LLC

Today's work culture requires giving people the ability to control when and where they participate in their professional development. Learn how you can provide valuable, self-directed bites of learning content (and strategies to make that content stick) in this webinar!

Latest Ofcom complaints statistics

Helen Dewdney

Today (13/07/22) Ofcom released its latest figures regarding complaints about broadband, mobile, landline and pay-TV services. Report: Complaints about broadband, landline, mobile and pay-TV services.

Helen Dewdney talks to Faith Archer on East London Radio

Helen Dewdney

Faith Archer finance journalist and money blogger. Faith Archer is an award-winning personal finance journalist and money blogger at Much More With Less , and has been writing about money for nearly twenty years.

Call an end to high telecoms prices

Helen Dewdney

I was on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours today (2 February 2022) talking about telecoms price rises. Most of the telecom providers are putting up their prices in March 2022, regardless of whether you are in a contract, or not. Isn’t the cost of living rising enough, without having to deal with this?!

Hiring instead of buying can save you money

Helen Dewdney

Why hire? If ever it was stigmatising to choose renting over purchasing, that certainly seems to be going out of fashion, if not gone. For watching the pennies it is a great idea, but mainly it seems just common sense. More and more people are renting and they are renting a wider range of products.

Top Industry Secrets for Successful Contact Center Scripting

Speaker: Colin Taylor, CEO & Chief Chaos Officer at The Taylor Reach Group, Inc

Scripts have been around as long as contact centers. Scripts attempt to set out an ‘ideal’ path to success on the call, whether that's a sale, a resolved inquiry, or a closed case. While some scripting attempts have failed, AI and Agent Assist technologies can help.

10 ways to save money on streaming services

Helen Dewdney

Television streaming services were many people’s saviour through the pandemic lockdowns. They felt like essentials, as many of us binge watched numerous series and films, subscriptions rose by more than 50% to a total 30 million subscribers across the UK.

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