Application Ecosystems and the Future of the Contact Center


Digital transformation is about creating experiences that matter, but what does this look like within the contact center? Gartner predicts that by 2025 , the average contact center organization will be exploiting these benefits to better equip staff and enhance service.

Contact Center of the Future: 5 Essential Investments


As the white-hot core of customer experience, the contact center needs to fundamentally evolve for organizations to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. What does this “new contact center” look like? CX and Contact Center

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Using AI in Contact Centers to Create Better Customer Engagement


If you have customers that are 55 and under you need a customer experience plan to address digital channel preferences and AI in contact centers now, before it’s too late. And that is why you see market research predicting a CAGR of nearly 60% in the global AI market by 2025.

AI Customer Service: Today’s Most Transformative Technologies


billion worldwide by 2025, with a CAGR of 22.9 Intent prediction enables call centers to up their game by giving customers the assistance they need in the way they want it. Contact Center workload management.

The Power of AI to Drive Change


The World Economic Forum predicts that digital transformation will provide economic value to business and society that will top $100 trillion dollars by 2025. There is no doubt that AI has the power to drive real change in the contact center and beyond. CX and Contact Center

3 Predictions about The Future of Customer Experience


It seems like only yesterday that we in the communications world were marveling at the benefits of integrating voice and data. The speed at which communications in general—and customer engagement specifically—are advancing is nothing short of astonishing.

Infographic – AR in Customer Service


AR is expected to grow into an $80 billion market by 2025, with Google forecasting that hundreds of millions of mobile devices will support AR capabilities in the coming years. This has proven to be especially beneficial in the areas of field service, contact centers and self-service. .

Step up Customer Assistance with Live Video Support


With live video chat support, face-to-face communication is established between agent and customer. More efficient than auditory communication, visually highlighting the desired action will enable the customer to comprehend and execute the instructions faster and more satisfactorily.

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5 Customer Experience Trends That COVID-19 Is Only Accelerating

Smarter CX

A contactless payment is a payment transaction that doesn’t require physical contact between a consumer’s payment device and a point-of-sale (POS) terminal. According to Invesp , 67% of shoppers in the US have used Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) in the past six months, and 10% of all sales will be fulfilled by Click and Collect by 2025. It also enables 2-way communication between the shopper and the business to fine tune the contactless curbside experience.

5 Leading Augmented Reality enterprise use cases


This rate of adoption has prompted Goldman Sachs to predict that AR will be an $80B market by 2025. There are fewer calls to contact centers, less need to dispatch technicians to customers’ homes, and decreased return rates due to lack of customer product knowledge.

CX Lessons from 5 Thriving Industries

CX University

In fact, snacking sales are predicted to grow 5% to exceed $600 billion by 2025, which points to how millennials are changing the game when it comes to CX.

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance – The Complete Guide


Augmented Reality remote assistance takes this concept further by using AR and streaming videos to link the contact center and headquarters to the customer’s home or the field where the work is being performed, enabling agents to remotely solve hardware issues – seamlessly bridging the physical and virtual worlds. More efficient than auditory communication, visually demonstrating the desired action enables the customer to comprehend and execute the instructions faster.

Steering the Shift to Conversational IVR


According to Gartner, by 2025, 30% of major enterprises will be utilizing conversational platforms for both customer service interactions and to improve employee effectiveness. Visual communication is further revolutionizing conversational AI platforms.