How does a customer-focused CEO make decisions?

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We’ve talked before on this blog about the need to be a customer-focused CEO. But since CEOs are often the major decision-maker within an organization, it’s important to understand the decision-making styles of customer-focused CEOs.

5 Most Popular Customer Experience Blog Posts of 2017

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As we all take the time to think about improving strategies for focusing on customer-driven growth, join me as we revisit 5 of my most popular blog posts of the year. Customer Experience Labs: Your Strategic Weapon. What will CX Look Like in 2017?

Planning for Crisis Management with a Customer Focus

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Crisis management for a service issue requires customer logic. When organizations only apply financial, operational or public relations logic to hiccups involving customers, it invariably yields responses that fix the problem but leave customers unsatisfied and distrustful.

Three steps to create customer-focused change

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Customer experience (CX) is about change. They see their role as being on the outside, there to show the business what the customers really […]. The post Three steps to create customer-focused change appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

CX Journey™ Musings: Customer Focus - at What Cost?

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Customer focus. I recently attended a webinar about how to develop a customer-centric culture. It's all about customer focus. It's all about the customer. It's all about the customer experience. It's all customer experience.

Five Ways to Create the Customer-Focus Mindset


Your people attend customer service training. They learn techniques and tactics on how to deal with complaining customers, angry customers or customers who just need a little support. This is what customer service training is all about.

The One Thing We Must Do to Create a Customer Focused Culture


To kick off the start of 2017 I could share my “Top Seventeen Ways to Deliver Great Customer Service in 2017.” Not only is the focus on one idea, but really it’s just one word. A customer’s sales journey is different than a service or support journey.

Customer Centric Leadership: Are You Investing in the Organisational “Ecosystem” or Your Personal “Egosystem”?


The question was a precursor to defining why Customer Experience needs good, strong leadership. This month, I want to ask three connected but altogether different questions: What do you do if the organisation you work for or with does NOT have strong customer focused leadership?

Building a strong customer-focused service culture


Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 Building a strong customer-focused service culture. Published on: February 22, 2017. Therefore, make sure your training and incentives reflect the service behavior your customers are seeking. Gather insight from customers II.

How to Start Improving CX in the Real World


Consider this way-too-typical scenario: Marcus decides one day to stand in front of his employees and request in no uncertain terms how everyone needs to be more customer-focused. “Help customers love our company and brand more!”

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15 Ways to Conduct Successful Customer Focus Groups

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Maybe you are the owner of a small business who wants to find out what your customers are thinking. Maybe you work for a business, and your boss has assigned you to get some customer feedback. There is more to a focus group than just talking with a set of people.

Develop and Commit to a Set of Core Values to Elevate Customer Experience

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There’s an increased focus on customer experience these days, and many companies are just beginning to implement a customer experience process. Prove That You’re Customer-Focused to Increase Trust.

How to Set Goals & Build a Strategy to Drive Customer Experience Improvement


Every company out there is trying to be more customer-centric, and the race for an excellent customer experience is heating up. Nowadays, having competitive prices and bombarding customers with advertisements and offers is not enough. Customer experience objectives.

Getting the Customer Experience Right in 2017


Verint’s Ryan Hollenbeck recently spoke with Contact Center Pipeline about the art of balancing the digital and human elements of the customer experience.

Customer Focused CIOs Should Avoid Bimodal IT


Last week, we examined the pressures on the CMO to deliver faster, more relevant innovation to drive customer engagement across a growing number of channels, and how these pressures continue to lead to a proliferation of Martech software acquisitions that are disconnected from traditional IT systems.

Verint Speakers: Changing the Game through Customer Focus and Insights for Stronger Loyalty


CX Sydney 2017. Verint’s Martyn Riddle, marketing director, Asia Pacific region, will present as part of a panel called “Customer-Obsessed Game Changers” at this Forrester event at 2:50 p.m. May 9; Sydney, Australia.

Emphasizing Customer-Focused Metrics in Non-Voice Channels


This is especially true as companies increasingly focus on creating an exceptional customer experience (CX) across channels. Many call center metrics focus on platform efficiencies like speed of answer, handle time, schedule adherence, etc.

Customers Convene in Orlando for Engage 2017 Global Customer Conference


The 2017 Engage Global Customer Conference in sunny Orlando, Florida has kicked off and is going strong!

Want to Deliver the Best Customer Experience? It Takes More Than a Metric


It is very refreshing and encouraging to see so many organizations with mission statements indicating their focus on the customer and their mission to deliver the best customer experience.

How to Embed a Customer Experience Framework 


In my exclusive column for CustomerThink in October 2016, I shared my ‘top tips’ for creating the right culture to enable an organisation to become genuinely customer centric. In my last column of 2016, I explored tip number 2 – how to embed a Customer Experience Framework.

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Highlights from This Week’s Engage 2017 Verint Global Customer Conference in Orlando, Florida


Activities continued this week in Orlando as part of the Verint Engage 2017 Global Customer Conference at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. Click here for a look back at how the event opened.

Text Analytics as Future of Customer Experience? We Asked Jim Tincher.


The topic of customer experience has been trending throughout this year. More and more companies put a customer at the centre of their business operations. Customer experience and engagement are already changing the way businesses work covering larger and larger industries.

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Cultivating a Customer-Focused Culture

Brad Cleveland

The culture of doing the daily hard work to focus on what’s best for customers. What do organizations with the most engaged employees and customer-focused cultures have in common? The number one key to sustaining great service is culture.

Customer strategy: Crawl, walk, run

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It’s early 2017 now. Hopefully you have eyes on a customer strategy for this year. I’ll show you the five-competency maturity map in a second, but you can also think of this customer strategy as “crawl, walk, run.” Customer strategy: Commit.

Opentalk 2017: Empowering Customers by Design


Opentalk 2017 was packed with thought leadership from some of the most customer-centric leaders and companies of our time. The Opentalk 2017 Video Library is your team’s chance to re-experience those speaking sessions. Empowering Customers By Design.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of November 6, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Your Customer Service Team Should Be in Every Strategy Meeting by Jaspar Weir. Invite the customer service team to every strategy meeting.

Customer Service & CX Leaders Make the Best Magic TOGETHER


The first week of October is both Customer Service Week and the week of CX Day! This week of celebrating success through CX and better customer service is an important reminder that we all serve a role in this. Jeannie Walters (@jeanniecw) October 4, 2017.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of December 18, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Customer Experience Mapping: How to Create Smoother, More Effortless Journeys by Hutch Morzaria. The focus is on both the acquisition of a new customer as well as the retention of that customer.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of December 11, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. How to Choose a Gift That Will Wow Your Customers by John Ruhlin. Top 10 Wow Customer Service Stories for 2017 by Shaun Belding. In other words, they’re focused on customer success.

Our 2017 Journey Mapping Workshop Schedule

Kerry Bodine

Join us for a hands-on customer journey mapping workshop in 2017! I’m thrilled to announce our 2017 lineup of open enrollment journey mapping workshops: February 21 & 22 in San Diego. The customer focus is extremely valuable!

Why Support Should Have a Voice in Product Development


In UserVoice’s survey of Product Managers , it was found that customer support is involved in product development only 58% of the time. If you work in product development, you probably wish you could spend all day talking to customers, because you know how valuable that feedback is.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of May 29, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service and experience articles from various online resources. How good is your company’s internal customer experience? McKinsey & Company) To excel with customers, frontline employees need high-level service from core support functions.

The Tipping Point for Loyalty Is Exceeding Customer Needs


What do my customers want? What we should be asking is: What do my customers need and how can I help them? Needs describe customer requirement, at a minimum, from a product, service or interaction with support staff. Exceeding customer needs can be your competitive advantage.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of March 13, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. 47 Social Media Statistics to Bookmark for 2017 by Alex York. My Comment: It has been said that customer service is the new marketing.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of November 27, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. A 4-Step Formula to Create Freakishly Loyal Customers by Josh Linkner. Josh Linkner) In our transactional world of fickle customers, how do we snag the prize?

Sometimes Customers Don’t Know the Right Questions to Ask


Sometimes a customer says one thing but means something else. So, asking an extra question – or two or three – can help you understand what a customer really wants. For example, when a customer says, “I need this quickly,” ask the extra question, “How quickly do you need it?”

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of October 2, 2017


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. How to Become a More Customer Centric Business in 5 Steps b y Mark Sallows. This doesn’t just mean sales and customer service, but accounting, marketing and other departments as well.

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