Contact Centers aren’t Ready for Omnichannel


The potential of “omnichannel” when it comes to contact centers is undeniable. But omnichannel can have a dark side. Implementing omnichannel successfully requires extensive review and augmentation of existing business processes.

One-Page Journey Mapping for Contact Centers

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I recently did a webinar with CRMXchange on one-page journey mapping for contact centers. The post One-Page Journey Mapping for Contact Centers appeared first on inContact Blog. Best Practices Contact Center Management Customer Experience General Trends & Insights CEU Channels Contact Center Customer Journey Improve Customer Experience inContact Journey Mapping Omnichannel Webinar

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Your Contact Center Superhero


Your contact center is a superhero? You might be surprised—after all, contact centers are often: Under-valued by the larger organization. Viewed purely as a cost center. Profile of a Contact Center Superhero.

Omnichannel is Here: The Case for a Digital Contact Center


With companies increasingly adopting this omnichannel approach, new levels of importance are now placed on the contact center’s ability to analyze the data coming from all of those channels in one comprehensive package. By doing so, the contact center can go beyond traditional interaction—it can truly gain a holistic view of their customers and become one of the most effective customer engagement tools in a company’s arsenal.

Three Reasons Your Contact Center Needs to Go Digital


When you close your eyes and imagine a contact center, what do you see? If you saw the second scene, welcome to the digital age – and new reality – of the contact center. Therefore it’s critical that contact centers make a space for themselves at the table.

Mattress Firm’s Contact Center Rises and Shines – Improving QA Scores and Average Handle Time

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billion in annual sales (2016). But the Houston-based company was losing sleep over its two contact centers. By implementing several integrated CXone products—CXone Omnichannel Routing, CXone Workforce Management Enterprise, CXone Reporting and CXone Quality Management Enterprise—Mattress Firm has seen significant results. Advantages of the Cloud Contact Center Trends & Insights Customer Experience Workforce Optimization

Three Ways to Ramp Up Contact Center Quality Assurance


Smart contact center leaders know that the benefits of a strong quality assurance program stretch far beyond the walls of the contact center. Technology has made huge advances in recent years as the contact center has shifted from an unsightly but necessary business function to the cornerstone of customer experience. Here are three ways your call center can improve quality assurance through analytics. Identify ways to reduce repeat contacts.

Finally… A Contact Center for the Digital Era


What’s needed is the re-invention of the contact center for the digital era. This is a contact center for the digital era. We can rebuild the contact center. In fact, let me rephrase that: we have rebuilt the contact center.

Top 3 Insights from the 2016 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report


One of the places I look for trends is in the 2016 Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report , the most extensive global contact center survey in the industry. Digital channels now account for 42% of all contact center interactions. Not only have digital interactions gained substantial ground in 2016, but digital interactions, like chat, email, social media, SMS, etc., What you can do: Establish an omnichannel strategy.

The Cloud in 2016: What’s Driving Adoption Now

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The contact center is truly the front line in this battle. Our solution will enable omnichannel connectivity between patients and thousands of specialized caregivers via both 24/7 on demand capabilities as well as scheduled sessions.

Get Ready to Transform Customer Experiences at ICUC 2016

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While you are surrounded by colleagues, product experts and industry peers, you will expand your knowledge of inContact solutions, develop your technical training skills and learn contact center best practices. Here are five ways to get ready to transform customer experiences at ICUC 2016: 1. These sessions are designed to meet the needs of those in specific contact center roles and their special areas of interest. Contact Center Manager.

How Contact Centers Manage the Holiday Rush

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For reference, this count is almost 10 million higher than what we saw in 2016. With this steady growth and increase in demand, contact centers are a vital partner to support the holiday rush. . . Centers incentivize employees to work over the holiday and be prepared.

3 Reasons to Focus on Your Weakest Customer Service Channel

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This is one of our favorite quotes from a leading analyst in the contact center space. The omnichannel approach has sent customer service professionals into a tizzy trying to buy the latest technology or go viral on social media. While budgets are a constraint, there are great workarounds that allow you to build that omnichannel feel at a lower, more manageable cost. His session will prepare you for the contact center of the future.

3 Best Practices for Boosting Your Outbound Results with the Cloud

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Outbound dialing technologies have undergone a recent revolution to accelerate sales, boost agent productivity, and increase customer satisfaction – and cloud contact center solutions are leading the way. Cloud Contact Center Solutions: Scalable and Cost-Effective.

Why Build a Contact Center Instead of a Call Center?

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Cloud contact center solutions are becoming the new standard for customer service. The cloud-based contact center market is growing at an explosive compound annual growth rate of 23.6 billion in 2016 to $15.67 Omnichannel vs. Single Channel.

Power Countless Customer Experiences with inContact

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Uncovering the best way to deliver outstanding customer experiences is something that every contact center strives to do. How omnichannel experiences help companies excel and differentiate their brand.

Making the change from call center to contact center


Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Making the change from call center to contact center. Published on: February 03, 2016. Call centers have now evolved into contact centers, covering all aspects of customer engagement, across every channel.

Omnichannel Journeys: Their Moment is Finally Here


According to Salesforce, 75% of consumers expect consistency across channels (Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer , 2016). customer experience automated testing omnichannel contact center cx customer experience issues call center cx monitoring design-driven assurance integrationWe all know that customers want and expect to have the context of their interactions with an organization carry with them as they move from one channel to another.

Which Channels do Customers Trust the Most?

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If you’re in Customer Service, you’ve heard of “omnichannel”. The challenge is the human interface, both the consumer wanting (or not wanting) omnichannel integration , and the agent actually incorporating all channels in the right way. Omnichannel is a nice buzzword, and many corporations will invest in it, but it will be a long time before everyone is doing it well. Call Center Best Practices Customer Experience General Multi-channel Contact Center Trends & Insights

Announcing Talkdesk Omnichannel


Today, we announced Talkdesk Omnichannel, our multichannel customer communication platform including voice, SMS and video. We created Talkdesk Omnichannel to enable our users to interact with their customers wherever they feel most comfortable. Why did we create Talkdesk Omnichannel?

Enterprise Connect 2016: Genesys Showcases Next Generation Omnichannel Customer Experience at Enterprise Connect

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Tweet Enterprise Connect 2016 is a leading conference and exhibition for enterprise communications and collaboration in North America. It is being held March 7-9th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Genesys, a market leader in omni-channel customer experience (CX) and contact center solutions, will be particpating in the event. Is Your Company Omnichannel Ready?

Multichannel + Escalation Management = Omnichannel


Unlike multichannel service, omnichannel customer service considers the entire customer journey, and manages the escalations and transitions between channels and customer service representatives that sometimes need to occur to successfully resolve a customer issue.

Why the phone is still king for customer support


It was a very omnichannel experience. Dogmatic first contact resolution adherents are cringing right now, because Melanie’s follow-up call would technically be a second contact. Perhaps one reason is that many contact centers don’t support this channel the right way.

What Contact Center Jobs Will Look (and Sound) Like in 2018


At the end of the day, contact center jobs are about communicating in the manner that solves a customer’s problems best and new contact center technology has to take that into account. Multichannel vs. omnichannel. Call CenterTechnology changes fast.

4 tips to make multiple channels work for your business


That’s why savvy companies need to ensure they have a seamless, integrated omnichannel solution to offer truly competitive customer service. Another study found that switching to an omnichannel solution boosted employee morale by an astounding 82 percent, on average.

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Why We Invested in an Omnichannel Solution


It’s been a few weeks since we announced Talkdesk Omnichannel. We’re so happy to have expanded our product offering from call center software to contact center software, incorporating SMS and video channels. Call Center Customer Service

How to deliver superb omnichannel CX in a digital world according to 24,000 consumers globally


Omnichannel CX and how to optimize across channels is a huge challenge in today’s increasingly digital world. A google of “omnichannel CX stats” and “omnichannel stats” quickly reveals that: 98% of Americans switch devices in the same day ( Google ).

To Bot or Not to Bot?


There’s even the notion that chat bots could replace contact centers at some point down the line. Bots can still be a great way to support a business’s omnichannel strategy and gather information about customers.

Bringing Customer Experience into Higher Focus


Last month, Adobe Marketing VP, John Travis, shared insights from Adobe’s 2016 Digital Trends report, including which opportunities businesses are most excited about this year. Why are your customers contacting you? Do they have to make contact multiple times, and if so, why?

Why You Should Be Providing Omnichannel Customer Service


This is why our advanced call center software is jam-packed with customer-centric features and functionalities. But it’s also why we decided that we needed to shift away from call center software and move to contact center software. Call Center Customer Service

7 Top Priorities for the Future of Customer Engagement


CEO of Calabrio shares his predictions for the Contact Center, for 2016 and Beyond. When it comes to the power of IoT and data, it’s high time customer engagement gets involved, and it all begins with the contact center. Here are my 7 predictions and key advice on where the contact center is going in 2016 and beyond. For contact center leaders, however, this vision of the future might seem daunting. Look at 2016.

News Flash: The Next Generation Wants Digital Communication


According to Dimension Data’s 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report , phone is rapidly declining in popularity among young customers who are trying to communicate with a business. So what does it say about our industry when nearly 40% of contact centers report that their digital systems are failing current needs because they are unable to accommodate all of these digital communication channels? Our world is digital and there’s no getting around it.

The Three Most Important Questions to Ask About the Future of Customer Service


One of our most popular blog posts focuses on which contact center predictions from the past few years have come true in the world of outsourced customer service. One of the potential game changers for the future of the call center is prescriptive analytics.

Why Self-Service is the Future of Customer Engagement


But the overall business and your individual contact center agents also play key roles in driving high customer engagement. Why Contact Center Agents Should Love—Not Fear—Online Self-Service. It’s important you help contact center agents understand their new relevance.

Make or Break: The Customer Experience Imperative for Midsize Businesses


According to the Wall Street Journal, 2016 Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales have already accounted for more than $3 Billion in “desktop spending”—aka, e-commerce. Integrate Multichannel Customer Contact into Your Strategy.

Is the grass greener on the other side?


Along the way, they might make an inquiry on social media, and then at a later date, call your contact center for more details. Train call center agents to solve problems. And this starts with the customer service they receive from your contact center.

Time to evolve a Siri-like CHATBOT


2016 is shaping up to be the year of the Chatbot. From the traditional call center, with rows of agents handling multiple calls, we have moved on to the contact center, and multichannel communications, to the omnichannel experience.

How B2B Companies Become Customer Experience Leaders

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Over-invest in traditional Leaders invest twice as much as their peers in offline capabilities such as contact centers, field service processes and tools, and legacy CRM systems. Image courtesy of Thomson Data LLC Are you a B2B company struggling with customer experience challenges?

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Avaya Oceana: Riding the Next Wave in Customer Experience


Earlier this month, the CFI Group, which issues the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index, issued the Contact Center Satisfaction Index (CCSI). Bottom line: The CCSI news isn’t good regarding contact centers’ ability to deliver an excellent experience.

Genesys Acquires Interactive Intelligence- Good Move for Both Companies

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Tweet Genesys (, a customer experience, omnichannel and contact center solution and Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. We will significantly invest across the entire Interactive Intelligence product portfolio to support the continued momentum of PureCloud®, Cloud Communications-as-a-Service℠ (CaaS) and Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC), in addition to the rich portfolio of products offered by Genesys today.