Give Your Contact Center a Pink Slip

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Great customer service has become necessary for building customer loyalty and is an increasingly important benchmark when companies are deciding where to take their business. Momentum’s solution portfolio includes: Best-in-class Voice and Contact Center Software.

Growing Your Contact Center Culture

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While there are a few examples of great culture in the contact center world, there are just as many or more examples of notoriously bad company cultures. Most contact centers fall somewhere in the middle ground. As a contact center leader, where do you start that process?

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2016 IDC MarketScape Identifies inContact as a Cloud Contact Center Leader

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Last month, IDC released the IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Hosted and Cloud Contact Center 2016 Vendor Assessment (doc #US40732515, February 2016 ). The Strategy score measures alignment of vendor strategies with customer requirements in a 3-5-year timeframe.

5 Helpful Contact Center Tools for Managers

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The same is true of any industry including contact centers. Luckily, there are countless solutions available to contact center managers today to help improve productivity, performance and overall customer experience. Here are five helpful tools that can solve common contact center issues and provide a better service. Are your agents prepared to answer customers’ questions?

inContact Recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s 2016 Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Magic Quadrant

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For the 2 nd year in a row, inContact was positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s annual Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Magic Quadrant. amassed a large installed base of both large and small customers. Shift from reactive to proactive customer service.

[eBook] The 2016 Contact Center Buyer’s Guide


If you’ve landed on our website, chances are you’re somewhere in the buying cycle for contact center services. Here are the topics we’ll cover: How to Calculate Call Center Outsourcing Costs. A Sample Contact Center RFP Timeline. Contact Center Outsourcing

eBook 156

9 Ways Millennials Have Transformed Contact Center Customer Experience

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Years before this generation’s full influence will be felt, however, millennial preferences have already changed how contact centers think about customer experience. Read on to learn the 9 things that millennials are expecting from the organizations they buy from and interact with, and how you can adjust your contact center to exceed their customer experience expectations. Proactive Rather than Reactive Customer Service.

Speech Analytics: Changing the Game for Contact Center Technology

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Speech Analytics allows customer support organizations to analyze audio of customer interactions for mentions of keywords or phrases, call themes, as well as the sentiment and emotions of callers. Customer Experience is a BIG Puzzle.

What are Bank Contact Centers Doing Right?

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inContact’s research shows that banking was in the highest tier for customer satisfaction with 54% of respondents ranking it for the most satisfied recent interaction. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) reported that banking customer satisfaction increased 5.3%

Customer Journey Mapping in the Contact Center


Think back, for a moment, a time when you made a purchase of a product, service, or membership that has, for any number of reasons, caused you stress. But in the end, you decide to make the dreaded call to customer service. Creating a Blueprint for Customer Experience.

Your Contact Center Superhero


Your contact center is a superhero? You might be surprised—after all, contact centers are often: Under-valued by the larger organization. Viewed purely as a cost center. Profile of a Contact Center Superhero.

Contact Centers aren’t Ready for Omnichannel


The potential of “omnichannel” when it comes to contact centers is undeniable. Most companies’ eagerness exceeds their readiness when it comes to properly planning and supporting multiple channels of customer support. And they may not be your long-term customers.

How to Get Actionable Insight from your Contact Center Reporting


It’s the same for contact center reporting. Reporting that provides a transparent window into your contact center data helps you gain actionable insight that can differentiate your customer experience and boost your bottom line. Contact Center Reporting

So You Finally Chose a Contact Center Outsourcer. What Next?


So you made it through the contact center RFP process and your selection team made their final choice. Can you finally hand over the metaphorical keys and let your new contact center outsourcer take the wheel? Both factors can impact your customer’s experience.

The Social Media Customer Service Opportunity

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Apparently their social media was as backed up as their contact center. I was astonished that they were able to steal customers in such a public fashion, and that the airline I’ve been loyal to didn’t care to fight back to keep me or to even resolve my issue.

Guest Post: Springtime Renewal in the Contact Center


And now that spring has sprung we see flowers in bloom, hear birds singing once again, and look forward to spending time learning about our new contact center software and solutions. We asked them to choose the one issue that was the most important to them going into 2016.

What are Bank Contact Centers Doing Right?

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inContact’s research shows that banking was in the highest tier for customer satisfaction with 54% of respondents ranking it for the most satisfied recent interaction. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) reported that banking customer satisfaction increased 5.3% for 2016, and courtesy and helpfulness of tellers or other staff was the top ranking subset, website satisfaction next and call center satisfaction rounding out some of the top categories of rating.

Why Asking for Contact Center Pricing Shouldn’t Be Your First Question


That’s why when you’re searching for a new contact center outsourcer, one of your first questions is about pricing. Although we understand the motivation behind that question, we believe that contact center pricing should never be your first concern in your search for a new partner.

IMP Customer Care Becomes Blue Ocean Contact Centers


IMP Customer Care, a bilingual outsourced contact center with roots in Bathurst, is transitioning to the Blue Ocean Contact Centers brand. The transition will be seamless as the leadership and customer care team will remain in place under the Blue Ocean brand.

Transform the Customer Experience with an Intelligent Contact Center


The evolving demands of digital-savvy customers have a deep impact on the contact center. In today’s highly connected society, customers are relying on other people around them to find information to solve issues. Indonesia Contact Centre Market Share Leadership Award.

“We Choose You. Now What?” Navigating The First 90 Days with Your Contact Center Partner


We’ve heard the story from one of our clients, a chief customer officer who told his CEO that he’d decided to outsource their customer service and was met with “Over my dead body.” We’ll be celebrating nine years as their contact center partner soon…). That’s why you want to make sure the first 90 days with a contact center partner set both of you up for long-term success. Day 0 to Day 30 with Your Contact Center Partner. Outsourcing.

Top 2016 Customer Service Trends for Contact Centers Who Want to Keep Their Customers


The hottest trend in business today is what your call center is all about: extraordinary customer service. Customer experience will make you or break you, but what exactly do you need to do to keep your customers satisfied? The writing is on the wall: By 2020, see fast resolution as their #1 need. Read More. Jacada Blog

3 Reasons to Focus on Your Weakest Customer Service Channel

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This is one of our favorite quotes from a leading analyst in the contact center space. It speaks to the changing customer landscape and the importance of staying up-to-date on what technology customers actually want to use – not the technology you think they want to use. Naturally, as a voice self-service solution provider, this is really important to us. 2 – One bad encounter in a weak channel can stain the entire customer experience.

Top 3 Insights from the 2016 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report


At Calabrio, we like to stay ahead of the curve so we can meet our customers where they want to be tomorrow, instead of where they were yesterday. One of the places I look for trends is in the 2016 Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report , the most extensive global contact center survey in the industry. Digital channels now account for 42% of all contact center interactions. Blog Featured Cloud customer experience insights

Constellation ShortList™ Customer Service and Contact Center Software

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Tweet Constellation Research is launching a new program, and I’m happy to share that the vendors that have been listed on the Constellation ShortList ™ for Customer Service and Contact Center Software. The program offers buyers of technology a list of offerings to consider in their pursuit of digital transformation to p rovide the best capabilities to drive leading customer service. Covering Customer Facing Applications.

Blue Ocean Contact Centers Adds New Talent to Growing Business Development Team


Blue Ocean Contact Centers, a member company of IMP Group Limited, supporting top tier global brands from four centers in North America, is expanding their business development team with several key additions. Stephanie brings deep experience contact center world.

How Top Performing Contact Centers Will Own 2017


Customer experience expert Mike Wittenstein sheds light on enhanced customer expectations, AI innovation, and more. 2017 will be a year defined by how well companies continue to adapt to customer expectations—like the ability to get good service at any time of the day, via any device.

Why Random Sampling Alone is Not Enough to Ensure Contact Center Quality


Having worked in the contact center industry for many years, I’ve become very familiar with how important random call sampling is to quality assurance. It’s a practice that most, if not all, contact center leaders rely on to measure agent performance and ensure quality customer service.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of September 26, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Contact Center Satisfaction Negatively Impacting the Customer Experience by Andrew Berger. It used to be the main mode of contact was with the phone.

The Cloud in 2016: What’s Driving Adoption Now

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As I talk to many new customers about why they are moving to the cloud, I’m seeing several trends that demonstrate how we’re helping companies achieve their goals. The contact center is truly the front line in this battle.

Speed creates customer confidence: what is the velocity of your customer service?


I heard his presentation on the subject of how quickly a business moves when I had the privilege of working with the bank, and I realized the importance of how velocity applies to the customer service experience. Our customers notice our efforts, too.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of December 12, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. You’ll find good information, some stats and facts and insights from some of the top customer service and experience experts in the industry. For information contact or

Preparing for Increased Call Complexity in the Contact Center

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As customers continue to increase their use of digital channels and self-service tools for customer service, it's only natural that the volume of calls hitting contact centers has been shrinking.

6 factors driving contact center change


Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 6 factors driving contact center change. Published on: October 26, 2016. Author: Dharmesh Ghedia With customer service being at the top of the business agenda for organizations, what are the trends that are impacting contact centers?

Flipping the Switch on Video in the Contact Center

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Last week at Enterprise Connect , one of the most talked-about topics was video, especially as it can be used by customer care agents to communicate with customers. Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy Emerging Trends contact center preparedness customer engagement strategies

Surviving Information Overload in the World of Customer Service

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Surviving Information Overload in the World of Customer Service. Monitoring service levels has always been a fundamental aspect of managing a contact center. Published in Provide Support Blog , 2016.

New Integration: inContact Agent for Oracle® Service Cloud

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Here is why: You have likely noticed that customers are getting ever more demanding. It’s a general finding in the contact center industry: customers are growing more exigent. That being so, what can you do to improve customer service?