Report: Unlocking Customer Insights From Contact Centers

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We just published a Temkin Group report, Unlocking Customer Insights From Contact Centers: From Agent Productivity to Enterprise Intelligence. However, companies are now beginning to realize that contact centers actually contain a wealth of deep, untapped information about customers.

Computer Vision AI: The Secret Ingredient for Contact Centers


Today’s contact centers face a daunting challenge. Computer Vision AI – Reinventing the Contact Center. Live video calls through which contact center agents assist customers with their issues is the perfect environment for computer vision to demonstrate its worth.

Performance Management and the Power of Positive Psychology in the Contact Center

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For contact center agents, it sometimes feels like either the workday drags on or it flies by with a flash. Flow is when a person is engaged in a doable task, is able to focus, has a clear goal, receives immediate feedback, moves without worrying, has a sense of control, has suspended the sense of self, and has temporarily lost a sense of time” ( Psychology Today, 2015 ).

Leading the Way in Contact Center Intelligence

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What is an Intelligent Contact Center? In any given contact center, of any size, you will find a multitude of solutions to manage forecasting, scheduling, IVR, ACD, call recording, quality management, performance management, etc.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

As a pioneer in AI for contact center customer service and customer. of AI, and eGain’s viewpoint on how it can be leveraged for contact. center customer service. Contact Center 1. customers and contact center advisors through interactions of higher.

11 Contact Center Technologies to Boost Customer Satisfaction


Contact Centers appreciate: “We got our customer support sorted the day we started using Casengo to manage emails and social media posts.” Contact Centers appreciate: Enchant enables better collaboration of support teams making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Contact Center Metrics Tracking Toward Customer Centricity

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For too many years, contact center measurements have been focused on efficiency instead of customer experience. Metrics such as average handle time (AHT), number of contacts handled, average wait time, and average speed of answer have all been heavily used and tracked. Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy Data Analytics Emerging Trends contact center preparedness customer experience measurement

8 CX Trends for 2015 (The Year of the Employee)

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With this post, I’m declaring 2015 “ The Year of the Employee.”. Taken together, this new emphasis on culture, training, and Voice of the Employee will put employees at the center of CX attention this year. Contact Center Loyalty Aspirations.

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Improving the Contact Center Customer Experience: Understanding the Multichannel Experience


In today’s multichannel, multi-device world, the contact center bears the brunt of many complex consumer problems. With so many digital channels available for self-service, many consumers view the contact center as a last resort.

Guest Post: Springtime Renewal in the Contact Center


And now that spring has sprung we see flowers in bloom, hear birds singing once again, and look forward to spending time learning about our new contact center software and solutions. As our research project results clearly indicate, it’s time for a spring cleaning in the contact center.

Top 2016 Customer Service Trends for Contact Centers Who Want to Keep Their Customers


The hottest trend in business today is what your call center is all about: extraordinary customer service. The writing is on the wall: By 2020, see fast resolution as their #1 need. Customer experience will make you or break you, but what exactly do you need to do to keep your customers satisfied? Read More. Jacada Blog

IMP Customer Care Becomes Blue Ocean Contact Centers


IMP Customer Care, a bilingual outsourced contact center with roots in Bathurst, is transitioning to the Blue Ocean Contact Centers brand. Bathurst job seekers looking to submit applications to Blue Ocean Contact Centers can drop off a résumé at the Bathurst office.

What I Learned From the Zappos Contact Center

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Find out how Zappos motivates CSRs to deliver friendliness and wow on every call while delivering impressive call center metrics – without management, rules or even call talk time targets. So, how much is this tremendous call center benchmark experience going to cost you?

The evolution of contact center performance


Date: Monday, September 28, 2015 The evolution of contact center performance. Published on: September 28, 2015. It is based on an extensive survey of customer experience, contact center, operations, information technology, marketing and business development professionals.

Improving the Contact Center Customer Experience: The First Call Resolution Myth


But “listening to the voice of the customer” takes on a very literal meaning when it comes to the contact center. Is your contact center experience living up to consumers’ heightened expectations? Contact Center Customer Experience Analytics

How Customers Use Mobile to Seek Customer Service: Must-Know Stats for Every Smart Contact Center


More than a third of consumers would gladly live without electricity for a week if the alternative was to live without their smartphones, found a Cisco study. It’s understandable. As WDS points out, every mobile device is an “omni channel platform with voice, email, web chat, video chat, SMS and social media capabilities”. Read More. Jacada Blog

Robotic Automation in Contact Centers: a self-operating mechanism designed to mechanically follow a predetermined sequence of operations


The latter three themes - quality, accuracy and precision - constantly elude many contact center operations where processes can be horizontally and vertically complex and inevitably span multiple business applications. In 1947, General Motors saw the benefit of reducing labor through automation and established a department to save energy and materials and improve process quality, accuracy and precision.

Everything Contact Center Managers Need to Know About Quality Call Center Monitoring – On-Demand Video

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Quality Call Center Monitoring – On-Demand Video . Pick up vital new skills in quality contact center monitoring. In contact centers, a solid quality call monitoring program makes all the difference. Benchmark monitoring forms from superstar call centers.

Wanted: Customer Service Change Agents for Contact Centers

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Contact centers are working to address this growing and changing channel use. According to Dimension Data’s 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report which surveyed 901 contact centers across 72 countries, more than half are now multichannel ones managing at least eight different forms of contact methods. Six in 10 contact centers say they have no social customer service capabilities.

Analytics: Primed for Takeoff in the Contact Center

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These benefits can also extend to the contact center where customer sentiment and performance data (customer satisfaction, first contact resolution rates) can be evaluated by customer care leaders to identify opportunities for improving the customer experience along with operational performance. One of the mantras echoing across businesses these days is the need for organizations to become data-driven. And for good reasons.

Manual Contact Center Productivity Tools Aren’t Fit for the Modern Era

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The post Manual Contact Center Productivity Tools Aren’t Fit for the Modern Era appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

CGS Acquires Mas Cerca Contact Center

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CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, has announced the acquisition of Mas Cerca Contact Center, the Chile-based business process outsourcing (BPO) provider.

2015 Temkin Group CX Vendor Excellence Award Winners

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Today we announced the results of the 2015 Temkin Group CX Vendor Excellence Awards. Clarabridge connects to all sources of customer feedback, including ratings and reviews , chat , both Clarabridge-generated and third-party surveys , blogs and forums , emails , call centers , social media , and voice recordings. Being able to assign relevant contact reason to each engagement and as a result predict customer next action, reducing customer effort and driving service excellen.

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ICMI Contact Center Expo: The Top 10 Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss


This year’s ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference in Orlando (May 22-25) promises to be quite an event. These are the topics we feel are particularly important for contact center leaders to focus on in their efforts to build world-class service organizations and stronger brands.

Celebrating 30 Years of Contact Centers

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Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Service Videos Brad Cleveland customer experience ICMI

What Gets Measured Gets Improved (Contact Center Monitoring + Includes Sneak Peak at Zappos Monitoring Form)

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In 2015 I lost 22 pounds. Quality assurance monitoring in a call center needs to take place a minimum of weekly. What Gets Measured Gets Improved. While working on getting my weight down I hopped on the scale every morning.

Guest Blog: Want to Excel at Customer Service? Transform your Contact Centers into Customer Engagement Centers


This week we feature an article by Mansi Bhatia who looks at ways organizations can transform contact centers into a customer engagement center. I like the idea of a customer engagement center. – Shep Hyken. Earlier, businesses used to see contact centers as cost centers.

Using WebRTC to Reshape Customer Experience in the Contact Center

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Frequently, customers are being passed from department to department in contact centers, and rarely getting their issues resolved promptly Customers are continuously looking for improved service in a timely and efficient manner. However, customer service can be notoriously slow and ineffective.

Why your CEO should work a shift in the contact center


Date: Friday, September 4, 2015 Why your CEO should work a shift in the contact center. Published on: September 04, 2015. Encouraging your CEO to put in a shift in the contact center might well be a good place to start!

The Secret to Amazing Customer Service: Adaptive Contact Centers

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​Running a Contact Center is a never-ending race. Managers today are expected to improve customer experience results, increase agent performance and run the business at peak efficiency, and if these super high expectations are not enough, digital savvy customers are also increasing their expectations, demanding higher standards of service.

Too Many Contact Centers Missing the Boat

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According to Dimension Data’s 2015 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report, 52% of contact centers do not share customer intelligence across the broader organization.

Hyper-connected workplaces: how wearable devices could transform sales and service


When it comes to contact centers, wearable technology looks set to create hyper-connected service teams, allowing customer service to reach a whole new level. In a world where technology is increasingly mobile, wearable devices are the obvious next step.

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Columbia Sportswear Takes Customer Service to the Cloud

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As their customer support inquiries increased, Columbia Sportswear knew they needed a new contact center solution to support seasonal call volumes, e-commerce, and their unique brands. Searching for the Ideal Contact Center System. Offering outstanding customer support is a primary mission for outdoor apparel manufacturer, Columbia Sportswear, but their PBX-based system had long been a bottleneck for their contact center and IT teams.

How IOT will impact the future of contact centers

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The Internet of Things (IOT)—embedding sensors and actuators in machines and other physical objects to bring them into the connected world—is spreading rapidly. From monitoring the flow of products through a factory to measuring the moisture in a field of crops to tracking the flow of water through utility pipes, the Internet of Things allows businesses and public-sector organizations to manage assets, optimize performance, and create new business models

Top six call centre challenges facing the technology sector


As a result, contact centres in the technology sector need to be able to route callers through to the right agent for each problem. Designing a scalable contact centre. What challenges are you facing at your contact centre?

Recent WebTV Interview on Contact Center Measures

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In this interview-style 15-minute video, we discuss 7 measures every contact center should use and provide guidance on how to interpret operational reports. Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Workforce Management Brad Cleveland leadership workforce management

We Need to Talk About How You Coach Your Employees

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The Manager-Tested-and-Proven 6-Step Strategy for Addressing Unacceptable Employee Performance that Myra has taught managers in Fortune 100 companies, contact centers, government agencies, school systems, a spa and a plumbing company. “My job is not to be easy on people.

Stay in Sync with Effective Calibration

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With the increase of remote employees and QM often being outsourced in the contact center, traditional calibration may not be ideal, so develop an approach that is best for your organization. Agent empowerment is the new norm within many contact centers.

The Always Up-To-Date Guide To CX Events

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I’ve compiled the following list of conferences spanning a variety of topics — like CEM, service design, customer loyalty, customer success, and contact centers — that should be of interest to a wide range of customer experience professionals. August 13, 2015. October 8, 2015.

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Federal Express sets a benchmark on how to improve customer experience


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