The Ultimate Customer Experience Infographic, 2014

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In honor of Customer Experience Day, Temkin Group created its second annual “The State of Customer Experience” infographic. Here are links to the research referenced in this infographic: ROI of Customer Experience, 2014. The State of CX Management, 2014.

Report: ROI of Customer Experience, 2014

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We just published a Temkin Group report, ROI of Customer Experience, 2014. The research shows the connection between customer experience, loyalty, and revenue growth for 19 industries. The bottom line: Customer experience is highly correlated with loyalty.

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Report: 2014 Temkin Experience Ratings of Tech Vendors

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We just published a Temkin Group report 2014 Temkin Experience Ratings of Tech Vendors that rates the customer experience of 62 large tech vendors based on a survey of 802 IT decision makers from large North American firms. Benchmarks Customer experience Temkin Group Research

Report 331

‘Customer excellence is here: it’s just not very evenly distributed yet’. The Nunwood 2014 UK Customer Experience Excellence Report


Customer Excellence is here: it’s just not evenly distributed yet’ A fantastic quote that I wish I could claim was mine! In 2014, it is very difficult to find an organisation who does not believe that the customer experience or being customer centric is NOT of value.

Report 252

2014 Customer Experience Excellence Winners

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Congratulations to Temkin Group’s 2014 Customer Experience Excellence Award winners: Dell , EMC , and Touchpoint Support Services. Customer experience

Report: Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2014

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We published a Temkin Group report, Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study, 2014. Benchmarks Customer Connectedness Customer experience CX measurement Net Promoter Temkin Group Research Voice of the customer analytics text analytics

Report: State of VoC Programs, 2014

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We just published a Temkin Group report, State of Voice of the Customer Programs, 2014. Here’s the executive summary: For the fourth straight year, Temkin Group has benchmarked the maturity of voice of the customer (VoC) programs within large organizations.

Report 259

20 Most Popular Customer Experience Matters Posts in 2014

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Here are the 20 posts that were read by the most people in 2014 (in alphabetical order). 14 Customer Experience Trends for 2014 (The Year of Empathy). 2014 Temkin Experience Ratings. Don’t Confuse Customer Service With Customer Experience (2009). Five Questions That Drive Customer Journey Thinking. Free eBook: The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience (2008). Infographic: The Six Laws of Customer Experience. Customer experience

Belief, Growth and Sustainability – my perspective on the 2014 UK Customer Experience Awards


If you follow me on Twitter, it would not have escaped your notice that last week played host to the 2014 UK Customer Experience Awards. The 2014 awards did not disappoint. I wondered what my key learning’s for 2014 would be.

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Temkin Group Plans For CX Day 2014

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Here are some of our plans for CX Day 2014: Research discount. Aimee Lucas will present Building Customer Experience Competencies at 10:00 AM ET and Denise Bahil will present 10 Best Practices for Deploying Text Analytics at 5:00 PM ET. Anyone who attends one of the two Temkin Group webinars will receive a code for downloading a free copy of the report, Lessons in CX Excellence, 2014. Customer experience Last year Temkin Group had a great time celebrating CX Day.

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Customer Experience: Summing Up 2014

Maz Iqbal

Customer Experience: What Is The Default Setting? Why is that the floor at Paddington Station did not facilitate one of its primary roles: enable passengers (customers) to walk about easily, freely, quickly (if need be) around the railway station?

1914 Vs 2014: When was the best time to be a customer?


Whilst there was not a focus on what life was like for the consumer, it is impossible for me not to consider the impact of Customer Experience – whatever the era!! That is why I want to pose the question – 1914 or 2014: when was the best time to be a customer?

‘Sweeping the steps of Customer Experience in 2014? – out with the old and in with the new for 2015


As we approach the last 24 hours before the end of 2014, I feel it is time to reflect on the last twelve months in the world of Customer Experience. It is difficult to find a company at the end of a long twelve months that is not talking about Customer Experience.

Innovative Service: A Fond Farewell to 2014!

Wired and Dangerous

As 2014 draws to a close it is a time to reflect on the good that came from the challenging times of the past year and to express our gratitude to all of those who helped make 2014 the best it could be. Customers love to hear and feel a sincere “thank you”.

14 Worthy Customer Experience Reads for 2014

CX Journey

Image courtesy of ilya vinogradov How much progress did you make with regards to improving the employee experience and the customer experience this year? Did you stick with all of your CX resolutions for 2014? What the Hell is Customer Experience?

2014 State of Customer Experience: Who Are UK’s 2014 Leaders And What Can We Learn From Them? (Part 3)

Maz Iqbal

And find myself in a position to share with you the table that I have put together: What Does It Take To Be A Customer Experience Excellence Leader? If there is, then it is worth taking a look at First Direct as it is in top place in 2014 and has consistently been in the top 10.

10 Customer Experience Factoids from 2014 (Infographic)

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I looked through Temkin Group’s 2014 research and picked out 10 interesting factoids. It was difficult to narrow down to 10 items that collectively provide a sense of the state of customer experience. The bottom line : We did a lot of research in 2014!

2014 State of Customer Experience: Who Are UK’s 2014 Leaders And What Can We Learn From Them? (Part 1)

Maz Iqbal

The 2014 UK Analysis put together by Nunwood ‘s Customer Experience Excellence Centre. Little Change In The State of Customer Experience Excellence From 2013. The clue lies in the adjective ambitious as in ‘ambitious leaders’ It turns out that of the 250+ brands surveyed by Nunwood only a very small number are ‘ambitious’ And as such little has improved overall as regards the state of customer experience excellence in the UK.

Capitalizing on the Voice of the Customer (Infographic)

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Voice of the customer programs are a cornerstone for most customer experience efforts. Here are links to the research referenced in the infographic: State of VoC Programs, 2014. What Happens After a Good or Bad Experience, 2014.

Congrats To Industry Leaders in Customer Service

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Since today is the last day of Customer Service Week, I’m give a shout out to industry leaders in the 2014 Temkin Customer Service Ratings. The bottom line : Happy Customer Service Week!

Accessibility is Key to Customer Satisfaction in 2014


When one thinks of providing a great customer experience, it’s easy to visualize some of the more common aspects of customer service – employees with customer friendly attitudes, giving the customer their money’s worth and promptly resolving any concerns or issues.

Report: The Future of Customer Experience Insights

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We published a Temkin Group report, The Future of Customer Experience Insights. The report identifies five trends that will redefine the value and role of customer feedback and insights. Here’s an overview of the five customer insights trends: Download report for $195.

Report 334

Customer Service – Which Comes First – the Customer or Your Staff?

Kristina Evey

Which Comes First – The Customer or Your Staff? Customer service is an obvious and crucial focus for any company looking for sustainable financial success. You MUST focus on customers. Customers today are leaving businesses that take them for granted.

Customer Experience = Success + Effort + Emotion

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My definition of customer experience remains the same as when I introduced it in 2008 : The perception that customers have of their interactions with an organization. Emotion (formerly emotional ): How the interaction makes customers feel. Customer experience

10 Must-Reads for a Better Customer Experience in 2015


We had a great 2014 but more importantly, customers did, too! Leaders of all types of organizations began to walk the talk around improving their customer experience. Understanding customer touchpoints is essential to delivering a superior customer experience.

The Value of Customer Experience


This Best of 360Connext post was part of the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s 2013 Customer Experience Day celebration. The second annual #CXDay is October 7th, 2014. What’s the value of customer experience? Value to customers.

The Six Laws of Customer Experience (Video)

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This video explains The Six Laws of Customer Experience. I published the 6 Laws of CX several years ago, yet it remains equally relevant today and is one of the most popular documents about customer experience, with over 100K downloads. Customer experience

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Norwegian – Customer Experience Review


11th December 2014. By 2013 Norwegian had started to receive awards for the best European low-cost carrier – a trend that has continued into 2014. As I always remind readers of my reviews, a public statement like this constitutes a promise or promises to customers.

The Worst Customer Experiences of 2014

Think Customers

As news outlets and blogs publish their lists of the good, bad, and ugly for everything from movies, songs, YouTube videos, celebrity couples, technologies, and sports moments, to tweets, Instagram posts, hacks, images, selfies, advertisements, and so on, I''m joining in with my lists of cheers and jeers in the customer experience world. Here are the worst customer experiences in 2014.

SaaS Customer Experience Starts in the C-Suite


In 2003 there were 30 Chief Customer Officers worldwide according to the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council, reaching 450 by 2011. The customer success team is abreast of the entire customer lifecycle to ensure the client experience is positive from closing until forever.

Shareholder or Customer First? The difference between Tesco and Amazon


October 2014 was not the best day to be a shareholder of two of the world’s retail giants. Too many businesses worry about Shareholders first, automatically placing concerns for customers and employees lower down the list of priorities.

What IS a Customer Touchpoint?


Touchpoints within the customer journey help define a lot of moments, both good and not-so-good. Customer touchpoints in general are not often understood or appreciated from the customer’s perspective. Welcome Letter/Customer Communications.

2014 State of Customer Experience: Who Are UK’s 2014 Leaders And What Can We Learn From Them? (Part 2)

Maz Iqbal

The focus of this conversation is the customer experience themes that Nunwood call attention to in their 2014 UK Analysis Report. What Are The Primary Customer Experience Themes? I shared one of these customer experience themes with you in the last one. Employees Come First, Customers Come Second. Let’s listen (bolding mine): … HR are seen as playing a role in implementing some customer journeys, but are not genuine partners in the overall strategy.

Driving Customer Experience Transformation, Made Simple

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Do you want to build sustainable customer experience differentiation? 4 CX Core Competencies Customer experience Watch this video: The bottom line : You’re only as strong as your weakest CX Core Competency.

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10 Ways Customer Experience Rocks Your World


A few years ago, I would utter the phrase “customer experience” and get the strangest looks from people. Here, without further ado, are the reasons I believe customer experience is the key to happy customers , employees and people in general. CX Day 2014.

The magic of Disney – now that’s what I call a Customer Experience!


I have often said in the past how lucky I am to have so many people share their customer experience stories with me. What a phenomenal way of dealing with a customer enquiry!!

What is wrong with Virgin Media? a story of pain, frustration and dreadful Customer Experience


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will be aware that I am regularly referred to stories of both great and not so great Customer Experiences. Over recent months, I have been increasingly made aware of customer dissatisfaction with Virgin Media.