‘Customer excellence is here: it’s just not very evenly distributed yet’. The Nunwood 2014 UK Customer Experience Excellence Report


Customer Excellence is here: it’s just not evenly distributed yet’ A fantastic quote that I wish I could claim was mine! The quote is in fact the very first line of the executive summary of this years Nunwood UK Customer Experience Excellence Report – a report that should be essential reading for any customer experience professional in the UK. So let us look at what makes an ‘Excellent Customer Experience’ in a little more detail: 1.

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‘More than just the product’ – the evolution from product centric to customer centric


The number of Bookstores physically present on UK high streets have fallen to less than 1000 in 2014 – down over a third in the last ten years. Borders were trying to offer their customers more than just the product. Borders were trying to offer a more varied customer experience. Their attempt to integrate other ‘services’ to adapt the experience for customers was very well intentioned, but not enough to overcome the financial challenges already besetting the group.


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Customer experience does not apply to us – ‘we’re different’! Is it possible to be a genuinely ‘customer centric’ law firm?


During these conversations, it has become abundantly clear that those who know a lot about Legal and Accounting firms are concerned that they are amongst the most ‘un-customer centric’ organisations on the planet. Despite the ever-growing Customer Experience ‘tidal wave’ there are still many untouched industries that are yet to acknowledge the need for change – the need to re-think the way they interact with customers and clients.

Invaluable Customer-Centricity Lessons From Tesco

Maz Iqbal

Tesco: The Darling of Customer Marketing Guru’s Issues Its Fifth Profit Warning. In the early 2000s Tesco was much lauded my many: the customer-centricity gurus, the 1:1 marketing gurus, the data mining and predictive analytics players, and customer loyalty program vendors. Because Tesco’s management ended up doing what management teams do: exploiting customers to extract surplus profits for the Tops and Shareholders.

Belief, Growth and Sustainability – my perspective on the 2014 UK Customer Experience Awards


If you follow me on Twitter, it would not have escaped your notice that last week played host to the 2014 UK Customer Experience Awards. As an entrant, winner, judge and award presenter, I believe that Neil Skehel and his team have had a significant influence in evolving the UKs understanding of the ever increasing focus on Customer Experience across all sectors. The 2014 awards did not disappoint. I wondered what my key learning’s for 2014 would be.

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Customer Loyalty and Profits Thrive In a Strong Customer Centric Culture

Kristina Evey

Getting new customers, keeping those customers, and making more money are the goals you have for your business, right? When I explain that customers will absolutely do business and spend more money with the companies that have a solid foundation, know who they are, how they want to do business, how they want customers to be treated, how they want their staff to work together internally, they start to pay attention.

The Gospel of Customer Centricity for Improved Customer Experience

CX Journey

The way customers interact with brands has drastically changed over the past few years. In the words of Forbes contributor Brian Walker, " Digitally empowered customers are firmly in charge, bouncing from channel to channel at the drop of a hat.” It is now more important than ever before to intertwine marketing efforts with sophisticated customer relationship management tools to deliver a seamless customer experience at every touch point in the purchasing cycle.

‘Sweeping the steps of Customer Experience in 2014? – out with the old and in with the new for 2015


As we approach the last 24 hours before the end of 2014, I feel it is time to reflect on the last twelve months in the world of Customer Experience. Today is the 30th December 2014 – a day that I am pinching myself at the amazing advance that has been made in the profession that Customer Experience has become. It is difficult to find a company at the end of a long twelve months that is not talking about Customer Experience.

What is wrong with Virgin Media? a story of pain, frustration and dreadful Customer Experience


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will be aware that I am regularly referred to stories of both great and not so great Customer Experiences. As I am a big believer in the use of stories to bring Customer Experience to life, I feel that I am very fortunate to be allowed to share some of these stories with a wide audience. Over recent months, I have been increasingly made aware of customer dissatisfaction with Virgin Media.

‘Thank You’! The two most important ‘Customer Experience’ words of all


I refuse to believe that going ‘undercover’ on TV is the right way to finally understand, discover or recognise what colleagues and customers experience with your company and quite frankly I never will. I want to spend the next few minutes writing about the significance of the words ‘thank you’ – in general, but especially in the world of Customer Experience. ‘Thank You’ Two little words. Two words containing a total of eight letters.

Learn from the Best: Tips on Being Customer Centric


In an effort to discover the experts within our clients’ companies that truly understand customer experience, we used customer feedback to identify those individuals who consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. The following are the experts’ best practices for delivering exceptional customer experiences. ” All Day, Every Day, Stay Customer Centric. Remember, Your Customers Are People Too. Customer Experience

George Orwell’s Insights Into Customer Service, Customer Experience, and Customer-Centricity

Maz Iqbal

But there is a weak point, and it is this – that the job the staff are doing is not necessarily what the customer pays for. The customer pays, as he sees it, for good service; the employee is paid, as he sees it, for the boulot – meaning, as a rule, an imitation of good service. A customer orders … a piece of toast. In spite of all this the Hotel X was one of the dozen most expensive hotels in Paris, and the customer paid startling prices.

Customer-Centricity = Blue Ocean Strategy

Doug Leather

One of the most effective ways to create blue oceans – to create meaningful competitive advantage, is to develop organisational capabilities that enable the enterprise to design and to deliver unique and distinctive customer experiences, and through this capability, to create value that is distinctive in the market. They share a conventional wisdom about who their customers are and what they value and what products and services their industry should be offering.

How To Cause Customer-Centricity By Shaping The Work Context (Part 1 of 3)

Maz Iqbal

And the surveys suggest that Interlodge’s customer satisfaction levels are well below where they should be. Because these hotel managers were expected to increase occupancy rates, raise the average price point, and improve customer satisfaction whilst working within the parameters set by the centralised yield management system, the shared services offer, the organisational design and staffing levels set by the centre. Customer surveys showed lower levels of satisfaction.

Customer Centricity = Sustainability = Customer Centricity = Superior Business Performance

Doug Leather

I am a firm believer and supporter of ‘sustainable enterprise’ – I also have this expectation that if a business can balance financial, social and environmental issues then surely they should add ‘customer experience’ to the list? After all, why waste the energy and effort to address social and environmental considerations (which ‘speak’ to us and can therefore be used to create greater levels of loyalty and advocacy) if they don’t design and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Is Your Company Customer-Centric or Ego-Centric?

Michel Falcon Experience

Being customer centric requires you to be able to operate from the viewpoint of the customer. In other words, can you remove yourself as a professional and make operational decisions based on how you would react if you were the customer? Too many companies claim to be focused on their customers but continue to pay lip service to genuinely becoming a ‘customer company.’ ’ Video : What is a Customer Company?

5 Tests to Reveal How Customer Centric Your Channel Strategy Is

Beyond Philosophy

Do you allow Customers to use whatever channel they wish to communicate with you, or do you restrict them to one or two channels? The answer to this question can show how Customer centric your company is. This post is the fifth in a series of nine posts that uses our Naïve to Natural customer-centricity assessment. Today we are looking at Channels, one of the nine parts of your current experience that contributes to Customer centricity of your organization.

5 Signs You May Not Be As Customer-Centric As You Think You Are


And yet, so many businesses claim that they have or aspire to have a customer centric culture - to become more customer-centric, to put the customer first, to be customer-inspired. In one of our previous posts, " Why Great Customer Service Isn’t Enough to Be Customer-Centric ", we talked about these topics being hard to nail down. Customer Centric Culture and Our Approach. Just How Customer Focused Are You?

Why Great Customer Service Isn’t Enough to Be Customer-Centric


Last week I wrote on a bad customer service example in social media, " How To Disappoint Customers on Social Media: A Cautionary Twitter Tale " and was interested in exploring what customer-centricity meant to some companies. Anyway, I was on a mission to learn from the best of the best about all things customer-centric. I put out a simple question, how are you customer-centric? So, Where Does That Leave Customer Service?

What Is The Access to Transformation And Authentic Customer-Centricity?

Maz Iqbal

What Has Transformation To Do With Customer-Centric Business? What has this conversation to do with all things Customer and especially customer-centric business? As I have said many times before a shift to showing up and doing business in an authentically customer-centric way requires a transformation: personal (Tops, Middles, Bottoms) and business (policies, practices, processes, tools). But we had plenty of customer service challenges.

Why I Prefer Not To Do Business With Customer-Centric Businesses

Maz Iqbal

Why is it that I prefer not to business with a customer-centric business? Which supermarket chain was applauded, by many, for its customer-centred way of doing business? What was held responsible for fuelling this customer-centred way of doing business? Through this loyalty card, Tesco captured and made effective use of customer shopping data to grow revenues and optimise profits. Was this done by providing superior customer service in the stores?

Biteable’s Evolution to a Customer-Centric Product Roadmap


As a product team, you require a deep understanding of your customers’ complex problems. Are you fixing real pain points, or are you spending time and money on features that might not actually matter to your customers? Collecting real-time feedback not only enables you to get a quick temperature-read on your customers, but it gives your team authentic, actionable insights that you can apply to your roadmap for quicker innovation and faster iteration cycles.

How Not To Go About Effecting Behavioural Change And Moving Towards Customer-Centricity

Maz Iqbal

Let’s assume that for the purposes of this conversation that when I use the term customer-centricity I am pointing towards a specific behaviours which show an organisation as being attuned and responsive to the needs of their customers – their core customer base. Case Studies Culture Employee Engagement Leadership / Change / Transformation customer-centric leadership management development organisational change people development work context

Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Creates Fan-Centric Culture

Experience Matters

Hall was extremely passionate about customer experience. That’s why he implemented a customer service policy called FAWTSY (Find A Way To Say Yes). The bottom line : Customer-centric organizations need leaders like Derrick Hall. Customer experience Employee Engagement Purposeful Leadership Arizona Diamondbacks Derrick Hall

Examining Amazon.Com’s Relentless Customer Advocacy

Experience Matters

I was impressed by what the CSL is doing to equip future customer service/experience leaders. One of the speakers was Mike Gathright, Director Americas Customer Services at Amazon.com. He describe Amazon.com as “The Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company,” or just EMC 3. It’s no accident that Amazon.com scores so consistently high in the Temkin Experience Ratings and Temkin Customer Service Ratings. Listen to customers. Invent for customers.

Seven Stages to a Data-Centric Mindset

Experience Matters

Analysts who work with customer data are often frustrated by the slow uptake in its usage. That’s why I created what I’m calling the “Seven Stages to a Data-Centric Mindset.” ” Here are some tactics that analysts can use with their business partners at different stages of building a data-centric mindset: Stage 1: Resist : Try and understand the personal and professional goals of the individual business partners.

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A blended set of measures are critical for customer-centric operationalization

Doug Leather

What company doesn’t want to be customer-centric? It’s highly unlikely that any executive wakes up in the morning and makes a statement along the lines of – “Customer-Centricity is not important to us and we shouldn’t consider it!”. The most important stakeholder in almost all cases is the customer. I’m regularly asked what metric should be used to measure customer-centric capability.

How To Cause Customer-Centricity By Shaping The Work Context (Part 2 of 3)

Maz Iqbal

If you took part in the previous conversation you will have a good grasp of the work context that led to the receptionists running to-fro from the front desks to the problem rooms, seeking to keep rooms in reserve so that they were in a position to placate angry customers by moving them to a different-better room, and using their newly acquired guest engagement skills to negotiate with customers – offering them refunds, room rate reductions and/or vouchers.

Measuring ROI of Customer Centricity-Historical Correlations

CCO Council

A common challenge of chief customer officers and other customer executives is the need to prove the ROI of customer centricity. To effectively demonstrate value, customer executives need to show how their customer initiatives impact one or more of these key factors. One of the easiest and most powerful ways for customer executives to demonstrate value is to examine historical trends of loyalty and revenue/profits, especially for key customers.

ROI 63

How To Cause Customer-Centricity By Shaping The Work Context (Part 3 of 3)

Maz Iqbal

They were not engaging the customers in a way that made customers satisfied. A resource for their goal: avoiding stressful encounters with angry customers: … they used their skills not to meet the target price point but to proactively offer rebates and refunds. Or the bigger challenge of getting the folks in marketing, sales and service to cooperate to generate a joined up and attractive customer experience.

Customer-Centric Transformation a no-brainer: Check out why!

Doug Leather

I admit that I’m a customer-centric evangelist because quite frankly, how else can you build meaningful competitive advantage? Customer-centricity is all about differentiation and it’s almost impossible to sustain differentiation around product, price and distribution footprint. But you can sustain differentiation around your customer knowledge, insights and understanding. Maximising the return for the investor is not necessarily good for the customer!

Measuring ROI of Customer Centricity-Changes in Customer Value

CCO Council

Customer executives are regularly challenged to prove the value of their initiatives. To effectively demonstrate value, customer executives need to show how their customer initiatives impact one or more of these key factors. In my previous post I described the historical retrospective approach whereby incremental per-customer or per–segment revenue gains are correlated with increasing loyalty and engagement.

Putting the Power of Your People to Work for Customer Centricity

Beyond Philosophy

Having a Customer-Centric culture doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of work and concentration to create a deliberate Customer experience from all the parts of your organization. The reason you are delivering the Customer experience you do today is because of the way the organization is. We use a Customer Experience Assessment model called Naive to Natural to assess our client’s Customer centricity, defining the level of Customer focus you have currently.

Customer-Centricity! Oh, I’m Doing that Already!

Doug Leather

Customer-Centric? Yet he was adamant he had ‘customer-centricity’ under control. A refusal to really understand what customer-centricity is all about. And what really agitates me is a verbal commitment made to developing themselves as an internationally recognised exemplar of customer experience. Yeah right! I had a really interesting discussion with a prospective client recently. He is the MD of a multi franchise vehicle business. Successful?

15 Ways To Rock Customer Experience in 2015

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Customer experience is more than a full-time job. Create or revise your customer experience mission statement. Deputize someone in each department as the customer advocate. It’s their job to truly represent the customer in every meeting. Include customer tasks in YOUR to-do list every day or week. Develop a way to for your C-level executives to hear the most telling examples of what experience is like for your customers.

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Emirates Vs Etihad – Customer Experience Review


Many dinner table conversations about customer experience will end up talking about the airline industry. Some of the biggest customer experience horror stories have been served up by airlines. I have already subjected two heavyweight brands in the industry to my Customer Experience Review process – you can read how British Airways and Ryanair fared should you be interested in doing so! You can read all of my Customer Experience Reviews here. 24th September 2014.

5 Ways to Sabotage your Customer Experience

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Sure, you may not intend to, but there are probably ways you, as the leader of your department or organization, are sabotaging the experience your customers have. But if you’re not careful, these steps may sabotage customer experience, leading to more customers complaining, leaving, then telling their 10 zillion Twitter followers why your company (and you) stink! Watch out for these sneaky ways typical business methods lead to customer defection.