Customer Centricity has to be an Intrinsic Principle: an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Rohit M A, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cloudnine

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We, at Customer Guru, are on a mission to spread awareness of how Customer Experience (CX) should be the number one priority for Indian businesses to become more sustainable and successful globally. What had to be done was very clear to us: we had to listen to our customers.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price. Keeping Customers results in a high increase in value.

ROI 168

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Timeless Tuesday: Two to Tango


While the methods of delivering exceptional Customer Experiences are ever-evolving, the core ideals, messages, and concepts behind them will be relevant for years to come. As published in Destination CRM, January 2007. Very little is written about customers’ responsibility. .

Listen to the Voice in your Customer’s Head

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These little voices are in your Customers’ heads, too, and they are telling your Customers how they feel about their experience–and whether they are going to come back! They affect what your Customers are going to do, and how they feel about your product.

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Why You Should Collect Your Customers’ Digital Profiles

Martin Hill-Wilson

The options that each grabbed a quarter of the online vote were: “Steps Towards Understanding Your Customer Digital Profile” and “Checklist On Going Digital”. Do you know how fast your customers are adopting new digital behaviour? Is it Twitter and Facebook for social customer service?

Is ‘Being Human’ With Customers A New Concept? And, Does It Create Emotional, Experiential, Social and Financial Value?

Beyond Philosophy

More than just a buzzword, ‘being human’, especially in brand-building and leveraging customer relationships, has become a buzz-phrase or buzz-concept. To understand customers, the effective enterprise needs to think in human, emotional terms. To make the brand or company more attractive, and have more impact on customer decision-making, there must be an emphasis on creating more perceived value and more personalization. Are customer experiences ‘human’ and branded?

The CX Champions Who Deserve More Than Just A Prize- Feb ‘19


At CloudCherry, we believe customers are our backbone and value employees and influencers who make customers their top priority. Solving out their issues or creating a better deal or making a small change from the backend to make the customer’s problem addressed in no time at all.

The CX Champions Who Deserve More Than Just A Prize- Feb ‘19


At CloudCherry, we believe customers are our backbone and value employees and influencers who make customers their top priority. Solving out their issues or creating a better deal or making a small change from the backend to make the customer’s problem addressed in no time at all. .

So What?! There are plenty more customers where he came from!


The hiatus in my writing does not mean I have run out of things to say on the subject of customer experience (CX) (boo, say some; hurrah, say others!) – far from it! Sadly, during that same period I have also ceased to be a customer of every single one!! This is what customers do.

Getting Company Culture and Operations Right, and Keeping Them Right: What It Really Means to Be Stakeholder-Centric This Labor Day

Beyond Philosophy

A recent article on corporate customer-centricity by a prominent market research firm made the case for this type of culture as “the most effective way to meet customers’ changing needs.” The author had several suggestions for building customer-centricity.

Customer Experience 2017 Reality Check – Evolution or Revolution?


This post is part of the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s Blog Carnival celebrating customer experience. It’s part of a broader celebration of Customer Experience Day 2017. Are organisations really changing the way they treat customers and employees?

Watch Jeanne Bliss’s Webinar: How to Provide Customer Service That Would “Make Mom Proud”


Customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss joined us for a webinar where she spoke with us about her new book ‘Would You Do That to Your Mother’, and how businesses can provide customer service that would quite literally “make mom proud!”. As customers, we want our lives to be improved.

Customer Success Story: American Family Insurance


The ability to deliver trust-based customer experiences is one of the biggest challenges facing providers, brands, and organizations in insurance. In fact, this lack of trust in insurance providers has remained above 50 percent since 2007.

Enterprise-Rent-a-Car: How to turn a ‘promoter’ into a ‘detractor’ in 1,2,3!


It fills me with no joy to have to write a post about companies that have delivered unacceptable Customer Experiences. Today I am sharing a story about a company that has had an overt Customer Centric culture for many years. I carried on as a happy Enterprise customer.

My 3 Crucial Lessons from These Customer Experience Entrepreneurs

Michel Falcon Experience

. It was in 2007 that I set a goal to become a customer experience consultant and keynote speaker. I recognized that the companies we admire have made a premeditated effort to put their customers at the core of their business. “Earth’s most customer-centric company.”

Guest Blog: Key KPIs You Must Monitor for an Optimal Customer Experience


Depending on whether your Customer Care department is an extension of your marketing or your customer service strategy, the KPIs you give yourself may be different. Type: Customer Centric. Type: Customer Centric. Type: Performance Centric.

NPS 101

They say elephants never forget… but what about customers?


Elephants also apparently recognize and can keep track of the locations of as many as 30 companions at a time, psychologist Richard Byrne of the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland and other researchers discovered during a 2007 study at Amboseli.

Irrelevance & Ignorance? NPower, BHS & Moonpig add fuel to the CX Fire!


I am still regularly asked if this ‘Customer Experience thing’ is really a ‘thing’ at all. All three highlight what can happen if ‘the customer’ is not core to the strategy of a business. They lost around 200,000 UK customers in 2015.

Being Good At CX Is Not Good Enough – Jennifer Parnell, DGM – Customer Engagement, BookMyShow

Customer Guru

Jennifer Parnell currently serves as the Deputy General Manager – Customer Engagement at BookMyShow. She comes with 20 years of work experience, of which 15years have been in Customer Experience. BookMyShow is India’s largest entertainment ticketing portal today, launched in Aug 2007 as India’s first ticketing aggregator. Its primary focus has always been delivering the very best entertainment experience to its dedicated customers.

How we worship our satisfied customers

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With happy customers comes repeat business, referrals, and of course loyalty; all adding to a customer oriented culture that ultimately places an organization as being more popular and valuable. The customer did reportedly purchase a pair of Ugg boots.

Six Steps to Best-in-Class Customer Experience


The Customer Experience (CX) field is growing, and companies are realizing that it makes clear business sense. Six Steps to Best-in-Class Customer Experience. September 23, 2015 Six Steps to Best-‐In-‐Class Customer Experience Creating and Executing a top CX Program Yields Real Business Results The Customer Experience (CX) field is growing, and companies are realizing that it makes clear business sense.

How to Be a Ridiculously Successful Customer Service Employee

Michel Falcon Experience

My first ever customer service job was working at McDonalds when I was 13 years old. My most recent customer service position began in 2007 when I was working in a contact centre answering 100 calls/day and speaking to customers with different personality types , motivations and aversions.

Dow Jones – US Winner of the ORC International Excellence in Employee Engagement Award 2015

Orc International

In 2014 Dow Jones conducted its first employee engagement survey since its acquisition by News Corp in 2007, in recognition of the vital importance of listening to and having regular dialogue with employees at every level. Looking to the future – a focus on becoming more customer centric.

Expert’s Corner: Delivering Voice of the Customer

Customers Rock!

Recently on Customers Rock! We had a great discussion around listening to customers, gathering social media feedback and turning it into action inside of a company, and of course we talked about the NetPromoter score and how to use it strategically.

The Reasons Behind Apple’s Customer Loyalty and High NPS


Apple’s customer satisfaction and loyalty have been growing steadily over the years, reflecting the way consumers view the brand. In 2007, its NPS was a respectable 58. Because NPS is related to a company’s growth and customer retention levels. Unique Customer Experiences.

NPS 105

The Unsexy Side of Fintech

West Monroe

While Fintech point solutions can help accelerate in certain areas, they will never displace the strong focus on customer experience and having an agile operating model that can support the ever-changing needs of the customer and evolving market dynamics.

Inside Customer Success: Oracle Marketing Cloud


Oracle Marketing Cloud offers a complete suite of powerful solutions that provide marketers with a comprehensive view of customer interactions, orchestrating the right experience for each customer and helping attract ideal customers that spend more, stay loyal, and become brand advocates.

Hear How American Express brings the voice of customer to life


This is the first installment of our new blog series, “Customer Experience Visionaries.” On getting started in Customer Experience with American Express: I really wanted to get closer to the customer. The same holds true with customers.

Customer Experience Keynote Speaker: Customer Service vs Customer Experience

Michel Falcon Experience

Hey Team, I’m excited to share my Customer Experience Keynote presentation that I shot in St. In addition to sharing company culture, employee engagement & customer experience strategies, I also explain the difference between customer service and customer experience.