All you need to know about product recalls

Helen Dewdney

The law states that manufacturers must do as much as is practicably possible to inform customers and they have to publish a notice in such form and such manner as is likely to bring to the attention of purchasers of the product the risk the product poses and the fact of the recall. Products are then placed on the Trading Standards recall list , but other things can be done as well, such as adverts in papers, contacting customers directly, putting information on websites etc.

Do Your Customers Experience Your Values?

Wired and Dangerous

When Dr. Nido Qubein assumed the presidency in 2005, he shifted the focus to the experience of their customer—the student. Can your customers experience your values in their experience of your service? High Point University is a private college in High Point, North Carolina.

3 Events Paved The Path For The Customer Experience Discipline

Kerry Bodine

I’m often asked why companies invest in customer experience — and when this whole customer craze started in the first place. Since I’ve already written about that in other posts, today I’ll tackle the second question: When did companies start caring about customer experience?

Five Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your Customer Service And Customer Experience

Micah Solomon

The author, Micah Solomon, is an author, consultant, influencer, keynote speaker, and trainer in customer service, customer experience, customer service culture, and hospitality. In honor of National Small Business Week ( #SmallBusinessWeek ), here are five highly effective, low- or no-cost ways to amp up the quality of your customer service experience. Train your employees to handle unhappy customers–and to win them back when things go wrong.

How ESPN Built a World-Class Customer Service Team From Scratch


In 2005, Micah Citti received an offer he couldn’t refuse. Micah had begun his career in the early ‘90s as a customer service agent. The post How ESPN Built a World-Class Customer Service Team From Scratch appeared first on Stella Connect.

Four of the Most Successful Employee Engagement Strategies Also Drive Customer Experience

CX University

Vast amounts of data support the symbiotic relationship between engagement and satisfaction, between businesses and customers. A 2005 study concluded that work engagement is linked to performance and customer loyalty (Salanova, Agut & Peiró, 2005). 2005).

Why Customer Delight Is the Wrong Strategy


Does customer delight lead to customer loyalty? Many managers would say yes – the concept of delighting customers to cement loyalty has been ingrained into many people’s thinking, and has become such a commonly held belief that many organizations do not even question it.

Innovative Service: Serving Your Values

Wired and Dangerous

When Dr. Nido Qubein assumed the presidency in 2005, he shifted the focus to the experience of their customer—the student. Can your customers experience your values in their experience of your service? Customer Delight Customer Experience Service Innovation customer delight

Lessons for How to Swim in a Blue Ocean from the Girls Auto Clinic

Michelli Experience

Often entrepreneurs reach out to me to discuss “customer-centricity” and the likely viability of their innovative products or services. According to their mission, GAC is designed to “cater to our #1 customer: women.” In 2005, W.

11 Contact Center Technologies to Boost Customer Satisfaction


According to Walker , a customer intelligence consulting firm, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for B2B. Customers appreciate: Being provided with a smooth experience across multiple channels.

The #CX Perception Gap

CX Journey

The good news is, more and more company leaders are starting to get that they need to focus on the customer experience; the bad news is, many – most – are still struggling with the concept , choosing instead to focus on sales, metrics, and maximizing shareholder value.

The Impact of Demographics on Live Chat Customer Service {Guest Post}

Michelli Experience

Businesses deciding to implement a new customer service channel must consider a variety of factors before making a choice. The most effective customer service is designed to reduce effort at all stages of the customer journey —not just after a sale or when problems arise.

This is What Exceptional Customer Service Looks Like In 2018


It’s 2018, and customer expectations are changing faster than ever. While some businesses have struggled to withstand the shifting tides, others have reacted in a timely enough fashion to keep up (at least minimally) with changing customer expectations. Customer Service

Building Blocks of a Customer Experience Transformation Strategy

CX Journey

Do you know all of the building blocks of a customer experience transformation strategy? You might know it as Bain's Delivery Gap, which states findings from their 2005 research: 80% of executives believe they deliver a superior experience, while only 8% of customers agree.

Transform or Die! Business Transformation is No Longer Optional


Without needing to ‘break sweat’, customers would keep coming back for more. The business I was recruited by in 2005 was called ‘Littlewoods’. Do we know what our customers need and want from us? Is our purpose still relevant to our customers? My book, ‘Customer What? –

Bureau Veritas ISO 27001 Certification (Press Release)

Magellan Solutions

The ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certification is a showcase of Magellan’s overall strategy to ensure that its call center and BPO services comply with the highest international and regional standards, and that its services are based on globally accepted standards and protocols. Sticky Post (Feature).

Pros and Cons of Using Celebrity Endorsements to Win Customers

CSM Magazine

As a result, Gap replaced her in 2005 with both Keith Urban and Joss Stone, who were a lot more likely to wear either Gap clothing or Gap-style clothes when in public view. Nike stuck with him, but they lost customers as a result.

It’s Time To Improve Employee Experience For Remote Workers

Forrester's Customer Insights

The number of regular work-at-home employees has grown 115% since 2005, and 40% […]. age of the customerRemote workers are here to stay. Are you willing to embrace them? Today, we’re excited to announce the publication of our latest report on the state of remote working, which focuses exclusively on creating a better experience for employees who primarily work-from-home.

Guest Blog: 3 Proven Ways to Personalize the Customer Service Experience


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Ross Clurman, writes about how important it is to personalize the customer service experience. Regardless of the type of business you are in, there is always an opportunity to personalize the customer experience.

Augmented Service

Customer Enthusiast

I was recently asked, “What are your predictions concerning advances in customer service in the near future?”. While I’m not a futurist, I will tell you that, as a customer, I’m seeing the proliferation of augmented service.

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Why You Should Collect Your Customers’ Digital Profiles

Martin Hill-Wilson

The options that each grabbed a quarter of the online vote were: “Steps Towards Understanding Your Customer Digital Profile” and “Checklist On Going Digital”. Do you know how fast your customers are adopting new digital behaviour? Is it Twitter and Facebook for social customer service?

Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Creates Fan-Centric Culture

Experience Matters

Hall was extremely passionate about customer experience. Hall joined the D-backs in May 2005 as Senior Vice President, Communications, was named president in September 2006 and CEO in January 2009. The bottom line : Customer-centric organizations need leaders like Derrick Hall.

Like Just About All of Their Customers… I LOVE Wegmans!!!

Beyond Philosophy

For anyone who appreciates a truly customer-centric organization, one that is invested in its stellar reputation for ongoing trust and value creation, customer experience optimization and building employee ambassadorship, Wegmans is the company to emulate. sorry for the rest of you that don’t have a Wegmans nearby), has succeeded in creating an almost cult-like bond with its customers. The post Like Just About All of Their Customers… I LOVE Wegmans!!!

Walmart’s dismal customer service scores drive customers away

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Since 2007, Walmart department and discount stores repeatedly have been labeled with the dubious distinction of having the “worst customer service in America.” There are many free services to help customers find direct numbers. Why do customers want to keep coming back?

Can personal customer service survive in a digital world?

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While the digital realm can indeed help all of us to buy smarter, perform better, and be better educated, can it ever replace a human at the hub of customer service? From the moment a customer walks through the door, the way he is treated beyond what is expected still makes the difference.

Genius Tips to Improve Your Customer Survey

Interaction Metrics

An Analyst Perspective on Customer Surveys: Customer surveys make up a multi-billion dollar industry, and many of us get at least one per day. Look at your customer survey from many angles: The customer’s perspective—is it easy to take? 2005).

Starbucks: Greatness Personified/Excellence Diversified – What About You?

Michelli Experience

I was at the Starbucks corporate office that day in March 2005, when Starbucks partners said goodbye to Orin Smith. to look at the role of pragmatism in creating customer experience success. Pragmatism and Customer Experience. They also have to assure that the following types of questions are asked with frequency: How can we realistically make that happen on behalf of our customers?

Evolution of the support rep: from outsourced to in-office


The customer support rep role has travelled the world and back. Customer service was one of these areas. A particular blog that went viral in 2005 was a more extreme example of outsourcing by AJ Jacobs, editor-at-large in Esquire. A customer had an item held at customs.

Friendly Customer Service Is NOT Enough

Interaction Metrics

Often, companies don’t sufficiently invest in customer service evaluations because they believe that hiring smart, friendly staff will produce adequate customer service. And yet, many of these same companies claim that customer service is one of their core strengths.

ROI 52

Winning a Confirmit ACE Award - Bupa Global


In this video, James Elliot, Bupa Globa l talks about winning a 2018 Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence Award) Award. The ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards program was established in 2005 to recognize outstanding achievement in customer experience.

Video 52

Getting what you pay for: How Amazon’s membership fee retains customer loyalty

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Say it anyway you want, but the best part of any kind of loyalty program is the money a customer saves versus the cost of the rewards’ programs. Since 2005, the number of items eligible for unlimited free Two-Day Shipping has grown from one million to over 20 million.

Howard Schultz: A Leader, A Teacher, and An Inspiration

Michelli Experience

As best I can remember I first met Howard Schultz in 2005 during work with Starbucks that led to the publication of my first of two books about the company, The Starbucks Experience. Customer Experience Howard Schultz Leading the Starbucks Way Starbucks The Starbucks Experience

What #CX Professionals Wanted to Know in 2018

CX Journey

As I always say, "Quite simply, without employees, you have no customer experience." And if your employees aren't having a great experience, neither will your customers. This is an ongoing conversation: What does customer experience transformation success look like?

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Nielsen’s Lynda Clarizio shares her perspective on the evolving media landscape

Vision Critical

media at Nielsen, her overriding advice to attendees at the closing keynote of the 2017 Customer Intelligence Summit ’s first day: Take risks, embrace challenges, and be yourself. Research Marketing Business Strategy Innovation Customer Experience media and entertainment

Using consumer insight for rebranding: Q&A with Price Chopper’s Sam Trimboli

Vision Critical

To accomplish a goal of elevating customer experience , the company engages with 5,000 customers through Food For Thought, a Vision Critical insight community first launched in 2012. We fulfill a need for customers, but must keep up with the evolving customer behavior and attitudes.

What do I Need to Know to Create a Knowledge Base?


A knowledge base is a great way of communicating with customers. When written well, it helps direct customers straight to the information they need so customers don’t have to contact the customer support team. Customer Facing or Agent Facing?

Health care mergers and acquisitions: Why patients and employees should come first

Vision Critical

The solution, according to Greg Harris, president and CEO of Quantum Workplace is to “ask employees what they think the company needs to improve upon in order to provide the best care for patients or customers.” Customer Experience health care