Make a Mouse: The Power of a Culture of Customer Experience Excellence

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Leaders are responsible for “creating the right environment” for world-class customer experiences to occur. On September 11, 2001, Midwood Ambulance Service employees responded to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. A Starbucks partner chose to charge full price and not give away $130 worth of water during the September 11, 2001, tragedy. I’ve often said anyone can create a mouse.

Predictions 2019: Employee Experience Moves To Center Stage

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Employees are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate since 2001.[i] brand building customer experience index (CX Index) emerging technology employee engagement predictions 2019 talent managementCompanies and executives are paying attention to employee experience as never before.

How to Fail Fast with Your User Experience


In fact, I bet there’s someone over in the Agile Alliance shaking his head and saying “But we’ve been doing that forever (defined as since 2001 in Software Time).” Customer Experience Design

Guilt or Greatness? Associations that Affect Customer Perception

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Your Customer Experience Defined. From my perspective, your customer experience is the sum of perceptions consumers have about your brand based on their interactions with you. As a customer experience consultant, I disagree.

Lesson #7: CX Is NOT The Same As Customer Service. Know The Difference.


Customer service (CS) is critical for delivering a great customer experience (CX). Customer service is part of the overall customer experience, not the entire customer experience. Customer Experience Touchpoint Mapping Listen or Die Customer Service

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5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Month of June 2018


Continuing our series of the best customer service posts on the web from May , I’m going to look at some standouts from last month that caught my eye. There is no specific theme here aside from a focus on improving the customer experience. Difficult Customers.

Lesson #8: VoC Is Not The Same Thing As Market Research, But They're Converging


However, market research and Voice of the Customer (VoC) are not the same. Market Research vs. Voice of the Customer (VoC). Market researchers usually reach out to a small sample of customers for feedback, then focus on aggregate results and trends. Voice of the Customer.

11 Contact Center Technologies to Boost Customer Satisfaction


According to Walker , a customer intelligence consulting firm, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for B2B. Customers appreciate: Being provided with a smooth experience across multiple channels.

If you want a consistent experience across all touchpoints, you must ask for customer feedback at each one


in person, digital) you have with your customers is key to delivering a memorable customer experience. There are five channels that we see often at PeopleMetrics: websites, mobile app, contact center, in location, and field services (in the home): Websites: refers to customers visiting websites to gather information about a company. Native Mobile App: refers to customers who download a company’s iOS or Andriod app, and feedback is gathered about their experience with it.

Lessons in authentic leadership from It’s not First Time Resolution – it’s Personal Resolution!


I was invited to speak by an ex colleague who I had not seen since 2001!!! Last week also saw the UK media rife with stories about fake online customer reviews. In 2001, John launched Appliances Online, the group’s first website selling white goods.

A new era for digital Voice of the Customer


And, I co-founded a company named OpinionLab that pioneered the idea of empowering customers to provide feedback to companies by enabling them to proactively engage companies in their own words, on their own terms via the digital channel. The idea of customer-initiated, or opt-in, website feedback was born. A couple years later, a new player emerged in the digital feedback space that sought to extract value from digital Voice of Customer a bit differently. The market we made.

Attract Amazing Talent with the Right Customer Service Job Description


Before you begin searching for the perfect candidates for an open position in customer service, it helps to do some reflection. A good customer service job description—one that will get you qualified matches—accomplishes the following: Describes what the job entails.

The Impact of Big Data on the Voice of the Customer

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Back in 2001 Gartner analyst, Doug Laney defined the challenges surrounding the growth of big data in a research report that he authored (he also presented on the topic at a number of conferences). Big data and its challenges are not a new phenomenon. He described the challenge as being three dimensional; the increase in volume, velocity and variety

Are small businesses missing out on Customer Experience as a way to grow?

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When the Census was taken in 2001, businesses with fewer than 500 employees contributed more than half of GDP (50.5%). Rising to the Customer Experience Challenge. Nowadays, large corporations are trying incredibly hard to walk in their customers’ shoes.

Lesson #2: CX Measurement Is Hot, But It's Not What You Think It Is


As noted previously, the term VoC is frequently used to describe the measurement of the customer experience; so is the term customer experience management (CEM). A consulting firm mentioned in the introduction, Forrester , coined a third term: customer feedback management (CFM). And in providing these answers, market researchers often wisely take a small sample of the overall population, which is less expensive and faster than surveying all customers.

#CXSecrets: Use Your VoC Program to Quickly Answer Strategic Market Research Questions


Like many of my peers, I too broke into the customer experience space by way of the market research world—working at a large firm on a variety of highly valuable market research programs before founding PeopleMetrics in 2001. CX Secrets Voice of Customer Market Research

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Here’s Why Your Customer Success Strategy Needs Data Science


All over the world, companies are using data science to cultivate a healthy customer base. Let’s go on a quick journey to explore three major components of a holistic data science strategy and how these can improve your Customer Success strategies.

Productivity Drives Customer Engagement

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One is productivity and it’s affect on customer engagement. 1) What brands need is a design principle that allows organizations to manage their customer-facing activities in a single experience, with no need to export or switch, drastically reducing the time to completion and saving time by automating fundamental tasks. How Does Productivity Affect Customer Engagement? Happy employees make happy customers. Customer Experience. 2001). Tweet.

Awaken the Force: Six Powerful Commitments for 2016

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I have long stopped doing “New Year’s resolutions” since I’ve repeatedly lost and gained back the same 10 pounds I have been resolving to lose since 2001. What if you are right and the customer is wrong or if you get your needs met but your partner doesn’t?

Unforgettable Episode 37: Customer-Centric Product Design and Why it Matters

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Unforgettable is a customer experience education program, focused on delivering fresh content weekly to give business leaders what they need to succeed in a customer-driven, digitally-disrupted world. One of my favorite examples of customer centered design comes from Shake Shack.

ANNOUNCING Listen or Die: 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold


After months of brainstorms , meetings, late nights and deadlines, I am thrilled to announce that my first book, Listen or Die: 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold , will be available for purchase on Amazon starting Tuesday June 19th, 2018. These easy-to-use best practices provide CX leaders with the tools needed to build exemplary Voice of Customer programs that deliver ROI, turning customer feedback into gold. and Chief Customer Officer 2.0.

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How to Evolve Banking Customer Experiences for Survival


Between 2001 and 2013, the number of large banks grew by 29% while small banks shrank by 24% (from 8,263 to 6,279) (Source: Mercatus Center at George Mason University (c) April 2014 The Financial Brand ). In 2006, the most common reason customers visited a branch was to deposit funds.

Contact Center AI – What’s out there?


From the early days of Science Fiction and Kubrik’s groundbreaking 2001: A Space Odyssey to the more recent chess match between Deep Blue and Kasparov, AI has long captured our imaginations. Capturing Customer Data. Accurately Predicting Customer Behavior.

Customer Relationships: When They Start Right, They Stay Right


Managers intuitively recognize new customer relationships should start on a positive note. Creating a beneficial customer experience, especially at the very beginning, pays dividends. How customers come to trust a technology, a brand, and the people behind it matters.

A Bonus Lesson from Listen or Die


One year ago today, I launched my book, Listen or Die: 40 Lessons that Turn Customer Feedback into Gold ( check it out on Amazon! ). The goal of the book was to share best practices on how to create a great Voice of Customer (VoC) program. Chatbots and endless IVR loops may scale, but they often do not deliver a great customer experience. Customers want things to be easy with as little friction as possible. Voice of the Customer Listen or Die Best Practices

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Lesson #1: Everyone Wants To Be Customer-Centric, But No One Knows What That Means


Listen to any company in almost every industry, and you’ll undoubtedly hear phrases like customer-centric and customer-focused touted as top priorities. When leaders of a company fail to explain or provide specific examples of what it really means to be customer-centric, employees often see these words as little more than corporate platitudes. Companies feel obligated to go on record as being customer-centric. Becoming Customer-Centric. Customer Touchpoints.

Lesson #3: VoC Is Becoming The Single Source of Truth For All Customer Feedback On CX


The best VoC programs are squarely focused on integrating all types of customer feedback related to the customer experience. The result is that VoC becomes the single source of truth for all experiential customer feedback. Every company that is serious about being customer-centric and listening to customers must invest in a VoC software platform that helps them collect customer feedback, quickly understand what it means, and act on it.

The Starbucks Experience | Challenges and Opportunities in Philadelphia

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My short answer is that any response at this time will be too simplistic and likely will fail to address a myriad of social/customer experience factors at play. Reliance on human judgment in customer service.

Lesson #6: You Have To Use NPS, But You Should Also Include Other Measures of CX In A Transactional VoC Survey


As we discussed in Lesson #5 , NPS is important to include in your VoC program, but if you’re running a transactional VoC survey, you need other ways to measure the most recent customer experience alongside NPS. Focus on customer effort. Imagine customer experience as a bank account.

Do You Need a Survey Tool or a VoC Partner?


In this scenario, you figure out the touchpoints and the questions to ask customers. No matter what, your VoC partner should certainly have an implementation team that sets up your VoC — including survey design, programming, dashboard creation, user setup, and ensuring your customer list is ready to go once you are ready to begin. A good value-added VoC partner can also help you identify specific things you can do immediately to improve the customer experience.

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Customer Service Experience Lessons from a Baseball Underdog

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From customer service experience to baseball, underdog stories are powerful. In 2001, he was training with the Los Angeles Dodgers when he ended his career due to an injury. It’s not enough to be a “name” company or brand: customer conversations control the story.

Lesson #10: B2B VoC and B2C VoC Are Completely Different


Who are your customers? B2B companies usually have a smaller number of customers (typically called “clients”) who often pay a significant amount for products or services, while B2C companies usually have many customers with a lower comparative price point. So how do B2C companies choose which customers to follow up with when they receive negative feedback, given the high volume of responses? Enter something called customer lifetime value, or CLV for short.

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CX Secrets: Not measuring CX is like not counting your money


In this edition of #CXSecrets, I'm going to reveal how measuring customer experience can help companies more accurately predict long-term revenue. When companies don't have a customer experience measurement program in place, to me it’s analogous of not having a Finance department.

#CXSecrets: Use Internal Benchmarking to Quickly Enhance CX


Business leaders use this all the time as a way to set standards for performance evaluation on metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) or overall satisfaction; and many look to external benchmarking results as key indicators for how to improve customer experience.

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Introducing CX Secrets with Sean McDade


The 40 Lessons That Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold. I was inspired to write this book because of another great book that most of you have probably heard of - Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business by Forrester. Hi everybody!

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Lesson #9: VoC Programs Are Not Old-School CSAT Tracks


Ten-plus years ago, market research firms offered what was called customer satisfaction tracking, or CSAT for short. Usually on a quarterly basis, they would utilize large telephone interviewing centers for a week or two, calling customers and asking about overall satisfaction levels (usually not most recent experiences). Suddenly, a client could take immediate action on customer feedback , rather than waiting six to eight weeks on CSAT survey results. Empowered Customers.

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Comparing Perceived Value Drivers For Employees and Customers

Beyond Philosophy

Though played for laughs, this scene is all too representative of the value delivery perceptual gaps which often exist between suppliers and their customers. This significant difference was a telling clue into the degree of misinterpretation and misperception between customers and suppliers.