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Five Problems to Overcome When Building a Superior Service Culture

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Watch Ron Kaufman speak about overcoming these five roadblocks (6 minutes). Leaders often make mistakes when building a service culture throughout an organization. It’s not an easy task.

How to create loyal customers and brand evangelists in the travel and hospitality industry

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Our previous blog post demonstrated the power of customer voice in an unsolicited book review from a technology industry guru. This post makes the same point, but for the travel and hospitality – one of the most traditional “service” industries on the planet.

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How to Close the Gap and Capture Early Majority Supporters

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In my previous blog “Gaining Buy-In for Your Culture Change” I used a smooth bell curve to illustrate how leaders can systematically convert employees from Adversaries and Defectors, to Neutral and Supporters, and ultimately to Ambassadors.

Customer service training, or service education. What’s the difference?

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Many companies provide customer service training for some or all of their employees. But soon after the leaders of these same companies ask why everyone in the organization hasn’t embraced a true understanding of – and commitment to deliver – service excellence ?

5 Tips for Hiring a Great Customer Support Team

Customer support is the most important job in your company, so it pays to hire right

Turn a Complaint into an Opportunity to Increase Customer Loyalty

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When you cannot deliver the service you promised to your customer, what do you do? Let’s face it. We all have days when we disappoint customers for various reasons. It could be a team member calling in sick, the internet goes down, bad weather strikes, an unexpected traffic delay occurs, and so on.

Fundamental Service Principles Create a Common Service Language

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Watch Ron Kaufman talk about this topic on video (3 minutes). I’ve seen many organizations invest years and spend a lot of money on service training for their employees. The intention is always the same: to deliver service excellence, and to create a sustainable service culture.

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Is Smiling a Good KPI?

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“Is smiling a good KPI?” ” The Chief Strategy Officer of a leading bank leaned forward, lowered her voice, and asked me this sincerely. “We can see our bank tellers on video and observe them serving our customers. Should we set smiling as service standard?

Service as Competitive Advantage: Creating New Value vs. Sustaining Predictable Results

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When you picture a superior service culture, you may not think of a large engineering firm or a manufacturing organization. Rather, you may think about high-end hotels, top-rated airlines, or innovative retail brands.

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

This cheat sheet covers ten fundamentals of customer service to help your business excel.

Harvard Business Review on Revolutionizing Customer Service

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. The team at UP! Your Service have been working with our clients and Professor Jochen Wirtz for many years and are happy to report that the April issue of Harvard Business Review picked up our ideas and published a short piece in the Idea Watch section.

A Powerful (and Simple) Approach to Hiring New Staff Who Make Your Culture Stronger

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A successful service culture requires your people to collaborate with each other internally and exercise the partnership skills to create greater value for external clients. How do you find and hire such people? This is a critical question.

How Effective are Your Service Communications? Take Another Look!

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Organizations driving change face a common problem. Internal communications lose momentum over time. While initial launch communications are strong and creative, ongoing communications may get less and less attention.

Doing Small Things Right is the Start to Excellence in Service

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Recently, I was visiting a company to demonstrate UP! Your Service and the CEO said to me, “We want to achieve world-class standards in our service. How can your company help us get there?”.

Top 5 Provocative Posts from 2015

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Enjoy this selection of “Top 5″ thought provoking posts. Read, reflect, write a comment, and share these ideas with others. Happy New Year everyone! How to Increase Productivity and Improve Service Simultaneously. by Ron Kaufman.

What Makes a Successful Voice of the Customer Program

Learn how to build, maintain, and sustain an effective results-driven VoC program.

Measure the Leading Indicators of a Stronger Service Culture

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Building a strong and sustainable service culture takes time. But leaders often want to know much earlier if their efforts and investments are working. So what is the first thing you can measure to see if your service culture is getting stronger? Higher profits?

In the Ocean of Life, a Little Service Means a Lot

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What have you done today to put a smile on someone else face? Have you given a little thought, put in a little effort, in an attempt to uplift someone else?

How to Get Fast and Effective Results from Your Next Workshop

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Clients want to know, “How quickly can we see results after our employees have completed a workshop?” Leaders want to know when improvements will show up on the job. Everyone is anxious to see positive changes in behavior towards customers and colleagues.

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Does Service Culture Matter in a Digital World?

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The focus on ‘going digital’ and ‘digital experiences for customers’ continues to increase at a rapid pace across industries. We often hear that in this age of digitization, “customer service” is becoming less and less important.

How to Build Great Customer Journeys

Make Each Touchpoint a Meaningful Experience

Engineering a Service Revolution: How to Build a Strong Service Culture – Fast!

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Four Rules for Engineering a Service Revolution. Improving service quality in a large organization can be difficult – and it can take a long time.

In the World of Big Data, Old School Customer Service Never Goes Out of Date

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What does good customer service mean to you? Is it a restaurant owner who ushers you to your favorite table with a warm welcome? When a company accepts a return and gives you a full refund with no questions asked? Or when someone takes the time to say a genuine thank you?

Service Standards and Service Excellence….are Not the Same Thing!

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“Once we set our service standards we’ll start growing.” I overheard this comment between two business people on an airplane recently. And I wondered, is this really the best strategy for growth? Organizations often work to establish standards for common service transactions. While specific standards for service performance can be useful they can also be counter-productive, because setting and achieving service standards is not the same as achieving service excellence.

Enjoy Ron Kaufman: Leading Global Keynote Speaker on Service Excellence

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Enjoy this complete keynote speech by Ron Kaufman at the Swiss National Excellence Awards in Lucerne, Switzerland on Uplifting Service Culture. Ron Kaufman is rated one of the “Top 25 Hot Speakers” by the National Speakers Association – and this keynote speech shows why.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.

FREE Service Culture Assessment: Does Your Company Have a Common Service Language?

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Download Common Service Language Assessment with 28 Insightful Questions. Improving your organization’s service culture is a multi-faceted and long-term undertaking. One proven place to start is in building a shared vocabulary for service to focus the attention and actions of your team.

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Can Security Staff Enforce Your Service Excellence Brand?

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Everywhere you look there are more security personnel. This is one reality we share all around the world. In airports, hotels, shopping malls, schools, corporations and public spaces, we see an increasing number of security personnel among us.

Service Staff Orientation Programs: Get the wrong people OFF the bus, and keep the right people ON!

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Are you happy with your current new employee orientation program? Are your new employees truly inspired by the program? How many of them are still employed with you after just one year?). I am going to take you on a bus tour called ‘Service Orientation for New Hires’.

LUX* Resorts – Case Study in World’s Leading Services Marketing Textbook

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LUX* Resorts: Staging a Service Revolution in a Resort Chain . LUX* is a successful hospitality group operating in the Indian Ocean as well as other locations. In its previous incarnation, the company suffered from poor financial performance, poor service quality and a weak brand.

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Let's look at how the customer experience of an angry customer informs strategy, and how companies can transform frustrated customers into delighted ones.

The Consumer to Contributor Continuum (Part One)

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This post is from Ron Kaufman’s upcoming new book, The Joy of Service. The Consumer to Contributor Continuum. People who live in developed societies are routinely referred to as “consumers.” From a business and marketing perspective this makes sense, because that’s exactly what we are.

Innovation and Process: What Football Teaches Us About Customer Experience

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A friend of mine, the Head of a Middle School, wrote the following as part of his weekly letter to parents. He is working hard to balance change and innovation demanded by modern times with the tradition and process long revered in student education.

Can Customer Service Be Improved By Closing Your Doors?

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Sometimes being closed is the best service of all. Around the world, businesses are choosing to stay open longer hours and more days. This includes retailers, banks, brokerages, call centers and service centers.

The 4Es to Cultivating Service Mindset

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We often hear leaders say, “We want our people to have a better service mindset.”. What is a mindset? Here is one example. People often describe other people as either ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’. What they are referring to is a mindset , a fundamental way to view the world.

Are Your Technology Decisions Killing Your Customer Experience?

Read this eBook to learn how your database technology decisions can affect your ability to deliver either a transformational customer experience or a lackluster, dissatisfying encounter that benefits your competitors, not your bottom line.

Are you building powerful partnerships where you work?

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Previously, we described how Amazon builds powerful partnerships. How can you do the same? Each time you explore, agree, deliver and assure, the possibility for trust grows between you and the other party. In fact, this may be the only way human beings can build trust with one another.

How to Increase Productivity and Improve Service Simultaneously (and Easily)

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Many people think of improving service and improving productivity as diametrically opposing objectives. Increasing productivity means doing more with less, which means reducing service levels. Meanwhile, upgrading service means doing more than before, which causes productivity declines.

‘Tis the Season to be Giving

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The end of the calendar is a season for celebration and giving of gifts across cultures and religions. Whether we celebrate the season socially, commercially, or spiritually, we understand this is a special time to do something nice for someone else.

NIIT Technologies – B2B Technology Industry Case Study in Service Revolution

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NIIT Technologies was widely viewed as a reliable company with excellent talent. The company was trusted to deliver well on clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). But the future was changing for NIIT Tech and for the IT industry as a whole.

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

Begin or improve your customer satisfaction program with these 5 ready to use templates.