Press Release: Truthlab Reports Strong New Customer Growth and Launches HEAP for Colleges


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CJM Series, Part 3: 5 Pitfalls of Customer Journey Mapping and How to Avoid Them


Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ve overcome objections to journey mapping, gathered the necessary resources, and organized a team to tackle the project. Now what? It’s time to begin mapping, but don’t fall victim to these 5 pitfalls: 1) Lack of scope.

How to Support the Customer Experience Across the Organization


Reading Time: 2 minutes CX is not a department or a discipline. It’s religion. And that means you have to have believers from top to bottom and across every function.

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B2B Customer Experience: 3 Tips to Take From the B2C Playbook


Reading Time: 2 minutes Earlier in the week we talked about sticking to the fundamentals and how B2C has led the way in prioritizing customer experience. Now its time for us to take a page from their playbook!

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Onwards and Cloudwards! Explore your options for moving towards the cloud

Hear from independent research analyst Jon Arnold and our very own Barbara Gonzalez, VP of Global Business Consulting, on this topic as they discuss the forces driving the move to the cloud and the options for businesses when change becomes mandatory.

B2B Differentiation: Strategic Steps to ‘Building Buy’ in the Experience Economy


Can experience be commoditized? Are we already there in the B2B Experience Economy? How will we know when the process of intentional experience design evolves from being a product differentiator to something that is an expected part of the total package?

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5 Chilling Design Mistakes that Create a Horrifying Customer Experience


Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re not spooked by zombies, vampires or ghosts, then you might get a fright from common UX design mistakes that can seriously impact the customer experience.

10 Key Components to Include in Your B2B UX Testing Checklist


When starting a new project, there is a lot to prepare for. You need to know what type of usability testing you are doing, how many people you test with, what tools will be best for the job, how to best present findings so internal teams will be receptive to changes. Here are 10 steps […].

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4 Ways for B2B Companies to Connect with Generation Z


Generation Z is the generation following the Millennial generation and is projected to be the largest generation since the Baby Boomers. They are known as the 8-Second Generation or Generation We. Like other generations, Gen Z can’t help but be products of and respond to their environment.

Why Do Customer Emotions Matter?


Reading Time: 3 minutes Not only are the emotions of customers an ethical concern for companies, they are also a very practical concern. Users are technologically savvy and can differentiate between products that give them short-term satisfaction and those that will benefit them in the long run.

The Rise of Human Factors in Mainstream Education


Reading Time: 3 minutes Trying to find the UX-type accredited degree programs is often like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Your Complete Customer Engagement Handbook

Transform your contact center to build relationships with your customers that will last a lifetime.

Not My Job: Evolving Design Discourse


Reading Time: 3 minutes One of my favorite programs is a bit on the show “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” called “Not My Job”.

The High Cost of Poor Customer Experience


Reading Time: 4 minutes In the age of customized newsfeeds and personalized advertisements, customer expectations are increasingly high. Customers have an overwhelming variety of products and services at their fingertips. They have louder voices and more choices than ever before.

From Value To The Experience Economy: What Happened To Just Getting A Good Deal?


Reading Time: 3 minutes The experience economy has changed how businesses create value once again. Rather than physical goods and services, the experience economy emphasizes, as one might expect, experience over everything else.

5 Simple Steps to Follow for Conducting a Successful Heuristic Test


Reading Time: 3 minutes Heuristic evaluation is highly effective, relatively inexpensive and time efficient. It is believed that a heuristic test (if done properly) will illuminate up to half of all usability issues, including those that are the most severe, in just about any user interface.

FIFA World Cup: Translating the Fan Journey to the B2B Customer Journey


Reading Time: 3 minutes After a 28-hour journey of flights and layovers, the sensation of being fresh and excited for a new adventure is not what most would expect to experience – and I didn’t, at least not right away.

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How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Learn 5 actions your organization can take right now to improve the customer experience.

What I learned about Entrepreneurship from Competitive Surfing


Reading Time: 3 minutes I am no Kelly Slater. It wasn’t a tough decision as to whether I go to college or try my hand full-time on the pro tour. I went to college.

Don’t Ask People What They Would Do: Just Watch Them Do It


Reading Time: 3 minutes Focus groups, user surveys and interviews, and opinion polls are all great tools, but they are not a substitute for user testing.

Dishonest Design Comparisons: Giving Enterprise Designers a Fair Shake


Reading Time: 3 minutes The most dishonest meme in all of design is the “Your Companies App” labeling a clunky digital interface with tons of buttons and that of Google with just a search bar and Apple with just a button.

Craft your Design Skills by Following these YouTube Channels


Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to design and development, there is always more to learn and new ways of seeing things. To keep a fresh perspective, brush up on skills and gain new ones, I follow several creators on YouTube.

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

This cheat sheet covers ten fundamentals of customer service to help your business excel.

React Challenge: Working with draggable and resizable components


Reading Time: 4 minutes One of our popular features is the ability to create clips from research videos. A given research session has a handful of key observations that showcase the customer’s pain point or highlight.

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A or B: 5 Best Practices to Integrate A/B Tests into UX Research


Reading Time: 3 minutes A/B tests should be used to answer small questions about design and user experience, but should also be conducted on a continual basis, so that you can help illuminate the bigger picture and reflect the evolution of external factors (such as culture and technology).The

Brand is All About Experience


Reading Time: 3 minutes Some folks think brand is all about colors and fonts, logos and taglines, but that’s only a fraction of what constitutes a brand in the eyes and hearts of customers. Customers define brand through experience and experience is overwhelmingly influenced through interactions.

What college should be about and why UX research is tough


Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week Patrick Donnelly and I were on the beautiful college campus of UC Santa Barbara.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.

Mixed Reality Design: 8 Examples of Immersive Technology Changing the Customer Experience


Reading Time: 2 minutes As technology evolves into Mixed Reality, I am reminded of the words of renowned designer Michael Bierut: “Not everything is design. But design is about everything. So, do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.”

Title Differentiation at Startups: Why a different approach makes sense


Reading Time: 3 minutes Every once in a while, I’ll see enterprise folks mentioning that startup roles are becoming nebulous. Front-end ninja, JS guru, or supreme leader of customer success hegemony to name a few.

Phygital Design: Inspiration for Blending the Physical with Digital


Reading Time: 2 minutes In their article “Physical fights back”, design firm, Fjord, addresses the changing role of design as technology becomes more advanced. No doubt, you have seen this trend in your daily experiences as well. Technology is increasingly integrated with every-day objects and life.

Vlog Series Part III: Digital Transformation & The Customer Experience


Reading Time: 3 minutes Chris: So, now that we’ve built a journey map, and we’ve validated with customers, we’ve interviewed them, we understand their needs and desires; how do you improve it and know that you’re actually improving their experience? Kirsty: Sure.

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Let's look at how the customer experience of an angry customer informs strategy, and how companies can transform frustrated customers into delighted ones.

Mobile First Design? Not So Fast.


Reading Time: 3 minutes Mobile first design should start like an episode of A&E’s TV show Hoarders finishes with some asking the basic questions around need vs. want. Taking a de-cluttering philosophy and applying it to the web.

5 Things You Need to Know About Touchpoints


Reading Time: 3 minutes Many in the CX space like to talk about touchpoints—a lot. Touchpoints are an important term, but like so many business words, they can easily flow from “word” to “buzzword” in a blink of an eye.

How to Present User Test Findings Strategically With Video Highlights


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Video Is Now Big Data, Too


Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re like most, the phrase “big data” probably conjures up thoughts of giant databases being flooded with torrents of real-time data such as all the purchases in a grocery store chain or all the Web searches in the past 24 hours.

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Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Take a second to reflect on the brands you love. How do you go about creating an awesome customer experience strategy that works for your own customers?

The Rise of UX Research Operations


Reading Time: 3 minutes In the recent years it has become widely accepted that customer experience (“CX”) plays a large role in revenue and market share amongst both B2C and B2B companies.

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3 Steps to Building Buy-In for UX at your Company


Reading Time: 3 minutes You can be a part of a brilliant UX team, truly brilliant—skilled, knowledgeable, a team that drinks in giant, thirsty gulps from the UX Kool-Aid fountain—but you can’t win at UX if your activities and successes are accomplished in a domain silo or done in secret.

Sneaking into High Tech SaaS Leadership: A Strategic Path to Earn Your Golden Ticket


Reading Time: 4 minutes Here’s some advice on picking your trajectory in the high-tech startup scene if you didn’t go to MIT, Harvard, or Stanford.

6 Things You Need to Know About Personas


Reading Time: 3 minutes Personas are models of user types and are a critical part of the UX design process.

7 Steps to Elevate Your Customers' Experience

Learn how to walk through your customer's journey in order to improve their satisfaction and engagement