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When the social media team turns anti-social…

Helen Dewdney

Today’s guest post by Marcus Williamson looks at social media teams being unhelpful… Marcus Williamson is a journalist and consumer campaigner with a background in the Information Technology sector.

The Ombudsman Omnishambles continues… Even on Conflict Resolution Day…

Helen Dewdney

Press release. Today (20th October) is Conflict Resolution Day. Created in 2005 by the Association for Conflict Resolution 1. It is now an annual celebration aimed at increasing awareness of the various peaceful, non-violent methods of dispute resolution (ADR) available to traders and consumers. Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow blogger and author of How to Complain: The Essential Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!

Why use the Financial Ombudsman?

Helen Dewdney

I’ve used the Financial Ombudsman a couple of times and obviously both times he found in my favour! Both times were Halifax too! Here, Patrick Hurley, Director of General Casework describes why and at what point you should contact the Financial Ombudsman.

Casual sexism is alive and kicking in UK boardrooms

Helen Dewdney

Only a day after International Women’s Day, at a Retail Week seminar entitled “How to become a non-exec director”, one was left wondering what role women had as non-executive directors. The session was provided by three male chairmen of boards, one male commercial director and one male chair of panel. Perhaps someone should have a word with the organiser about ensuring some diversity?

How to Build Great Customer Journeys

Make Each Touchpoint a Meaningful Experience

How to complain when booking a service based in the EU

Helen Dewdney

A friend booked a hotel through Booking.com but hit a problem when the site didn’t accept the credit card. Told to go direct to the hotel (based in Germany) to pay he was horrified to find that he had been charged a 7% credit card fee! In steps The Complaining Cow.

How to complain about a non/late delivery

Helen Dewdney

Goods must be delivered within the time frame agreed with the seller. If one hasn’t been agreed (you have agreed a time frame if the listing supplies a time frame) the trader must deliver ‘without undue delay’ and at the very latest not more than 30 days from the day after the contract is made.

Does Sports Direct treat customers as badly as staff?

Helen Dewdney

What do you think of Sport’s Direct reputation? Sports Direct shares continue to tumble largely due to The Guardian’s investigation into the treatment of staff by the retailer.

Make sure your holiday in the sun doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

Helen Dewdney

Blue Monday is over and people are thinking about holidays, but with the multitude of ways in ways in which people can book we need to be much more careful of how we book with whom and be aware of consumer rights. Press release.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.

How to provide great customer service (when things go wrong)

Helen Dewdney

Time I feel for a story of how customer service should be done? Occasionally I write up a story of good customer service. Not often but I do like to give credit where credit is due, such as the Dunelm story.

All You Need To Know About Comparison Websites

Helen Dewdney

These are a must for finding the cheapest deal. Try to use more than one comparison site as they do not all list every company. It may seem like tedious work but it can save you hundreds of pounds. You can use these for insurance, broadband, TV, energy and banking. Check the terms and conditions of the site and tick the box that says you don’t want to be contacted by anyone! It could be considered an Unfair Contract if the site states that it is not responsible for the information it provides.

Why you should write not ‘phone to complain effectively

Helen Dewdney

Writing v ‘phoning complaints. As many of you who follow this blog know, I always advocate putting your complaints in writing as one my Top Tips for effective complaining.

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Full steam ahead to a better consumer deal for Rail passengers

Helen Dewdney

Press release. It’s good news for rail passengers today, as their rights are boosted by the Consumer Rights Act, giving a much better deal on compensation for delays, cancellations and overcrowding.

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Let's look at how the customer experience of an angry customer informs strategy, and how companies can transform frustrated customers into delighted ones.

What to do when your flight is delayed

Helen Dewdney

Denied Boarding Regulations.

All you need to know when your phone/energy bill is wrong

Helen Dewdney

It has been in the news a lot recently about Vodafone and their billing mistakes. It moved to a new billing platform and since then there have been masses of reports of serious blunders, such as direct debits incorrectly set up, people being put on the wrong tariff and credit agencies wrongly being told that customers have missed payments. So what if you are one of these customers or indeed if you receive bills of any sort what should you do? Check your bills. Always check your bills.

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Rail delay compensation – Light at the end of the tunnel?

Helen Dewdney

The Southern Railways debacle has caused misery to its many passengers. But whilst passengers are entitled to refunds for tickets purchased and not used, or for services delayed due to a rail company’s fault, are they missing out on compensation for delays as well as other issues? All rail companies are signed up to National Conditions of Travel which states that the amount of compensation offered by train companies in their Passenger’s Charter varies between them.

Everything you need to know about complaining about car hire

Helen Dewdney

Before hiring a car, shop around and check what is included in the contract. Some quotes may appear cheap but there may be hidden add ons, such as different insurance levels. Theft protection may be extra (it is mandatory in Italy).

Are Your Technology Decisions Killing Your Customer Experience?

Read this eBook to learn how your database technology decisions can affect your ability to deliver either a transformational customer experience or a lackluster, dissatisfying encounter that benefits your competitors, not your bottom line.

All you need to know about complaining to telecom providers

Helen Dewdney

Telecoms and Energy – the worst sectors. dreadful. I get asked a lot about how best to complain in these sectors.

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9 ways that the high street and small biz are being killed

Helen Dewdney

Supermarkets often get the blame for killing our high streets. But are they really to blame and if so are they the only reason? When I asked consumers what they thought was killing the high street and independent businesses, supermarkets weren’t top of the list.

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Customer Satisfaction is up – but so is the time customers take to get issues resolved…

Helen Dewdney

Press release. Customer Satisfaction is up – but so is the time customers take to get issues resolved… The Institute of Customer Service yesterday released survey results revealing that the overall level of customer satisfaction has increased.

Do Morethan just comparison websites for insurance quotes!

Helen Dewdney

How do you take out your contents and building insurance? I hope you don’t just renew every year and that you look at comparison sites for switching insurance, energy etc. I do this but do do a little more. I also check the site that comes out the cheapest. Comparison v direct.

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

Begin or improve your customer satisfaction program with these 5 ready to use templates.

Tesco reduce Clubcard loyalty offer?

Helen Dewdney

Tesco’s clubcard as it currently runs is probably the best loyalty programme out there and if Tesco wants to remain that way it needs to ensure that it stays the leader in the field and not go backwards and lessen the offer as Sainsbury’s has. So what has it done?

All you need to know to make a complaint about energy

Helen Dewdney

So much to complain about in the energy sectors?! Listed below are links to various helpful posts about any issue you may be having with your supplier, your rights, how to get it sorted and gain redress. All you need to know when your phone/energy bill is wrong how to complain about a wrong bill.

Ombudsmen Omnishambles

Helen Dewdney

Ombudsmen Omnishambles Press release. New privatised system of Alternative Dispute Resolution threatens consumer complaints chaos – but even its own implementation has now been delayed… A new EU-mandated system of private ombudsmen which was due to come into force today, 9 July 2015, will not now be implemented until 1 October 2015. Private companies will then be handling consumer complaints in sectors including retail, aviation, furniture and property.

Support the NHS challenge Hunt in judicial review

Helen Dewdney

Hurrah. A group of NHS staff and patients announced today that they have instructed Bindman’s LLP solicitors to investigate judicial review proceedings. Excellent news. So what is it all about and how can we the public help? What is a judicial review?

Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Take a second to reflect on the brands you love. How do you go about creating an awesome customer experience strategy that works for your own customers?

The Complaining Cow releases new edition of bestselling consumer rights guide

Helen Dewdney

Press release. Third edition of the popular book – Now updated for Consumer Rights Act 2015. Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow consumer campaigner and blogger at www.thecomplainingcow.co.uk has rewritten her Amazon bestseller “How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!” to reflect the latest changes in consumer law. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 comes into force on the 1 st October 2015.

Tesco takes flak in the battle of the Christmas adverts

Helen Dewdney

Christmas adverts. I loathed the John Lewis one, it was truly awful. Stuart Heritage wrote a piece in the Guardian that summed it up quite well. It’s almost as if the makers of previous John Lewis adverts did Sainsburys this year because that one does bring a smile to your face.

UK’s first class action on behalf of mobility scooter users

Helen Dewdney

Guest post by Chris Haan. Chris Haan is a solicitor at the firm Leigh Day specialising in group actions related to defective products and services and breaches of consumer and competition law.

Dodgy tumble dryers – your legal rights & what to do

Helen Dewdney

Many people have what some of us might consider as dodgy tumble dryers and have asked what they should do if they think they are affected and how long is reasonable to wait. So what is going on? Current situation. 1) 113 different Hotpoint, Indesit or Creda tumble dryers have been recalled. However, it is not a full recall in that all machines are being replaced. The machines affected were manufactured between manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015.

7 Steps to Elevate Your Customers' Experience

Learn how to walk through your customer's journey in order to improve their satisfaction and engagement

Putting an End to Misleading Prices Guest Post by Which?

Helen Dewdney

Regular followers of this blog will know that I bang on about supermarkets a lot!

A guide to credit cards and the Consumer Credit Act 1974

Helen Dewdney

If you have a problem with an item you have bought or service you have received you can contact your credit card company. You may want to do this for example when the company has gone bust, is refusing to give you a refund or does not respond to communications from you.

Your energy and your rights – what you should know

Helen Dewdney

There have been many reports over the last few years regarding poor practice in the energy market, such as mis-sellling, putting people on the wrong tariffs and over charging.

Plusnet gets a “minus” – and a big fine – for incorrect billing

Helen Dewdney

Plusnet has become the latest telecom provider to be fined by the regulator Ofcom. The broadband and phone provider, owned by BT, has been fined £880,000 for billing former customers. It is the third provider in less than 6 months to be fined by Ofcom. In October 2016 Vodafone was fined £4.6m for breaches of consumer protection laws and in January 2017 EE was fined approximately £2.7m for incorrect billing.