3 Creative Ways To Use Community Events To Get Reviews For Your Local Business

Do you know the secret the secret behind successful community events? These events are an incredible way to generate a significant amount of traffic, leads and sales. It's also an amazing way to get reviews. Which leads to more traffic, leads and sales.

How the Best Marketing Agencies Use ORM To Boost Client Conversion Rates

More traffic or more conversions? Which one is more valuable to your agency clients? The best marketing agencies know the answer. In fact, any agency worth their salt knows the answer to this question. It's conversions. Customers produce the revenue (and profit) your clients need.

How To Get Business Reviews: Back to Basics

It certainly seems simple. You provide customers with amazing support and you ask for a review. Customers give you five-stars. Pretty easy to get business reviews, right? Except that it's not. There's a right and wrong way to get business reviews. When it's handled well, your conversion rates climb.

How Often Should You Be Meeting With a New Client?

"Are you helping or hurting me?" It's the trust question your new client meetings need to answer. Clients are looking to see if you're under or over performing. At this point most sellers make a reasonable but incorrect assumption. They assume their new clients trust them.

How Omnichannel Ready Are You?

In this white paper, we will highlight some very common customer support problems that exist in most E-commerce businesses. Our intent to provide you with a solution that will set your business apart from your competitors so you can attract and retain your customers better.

How Can Review Snippet Keywords Help My Business Visibility

What You Need to Know: Online Review Management and Marketing in 2018

Time magazine has some advice for you. Don't trust reviews. Their inflammatory article states you shouldn't trust positive or negative reviews.

Home Services Industry Review Management Tips & Insights

Every business needs reviews. Home services industry companies need to pay more attention to reviews than most. Great reviews help contractors meet the unique challenges they face when they try to earn customers. The Special Struggles of Contractors.

4 Contract Templates for Online Review Management Services

It's time to seal the deal. You've sent your prospect a proposal. Your proposal will most likely be the basis for your online review management contract. If you've done your job well, your prospect is qualified and ready to buy. This is the part agencies get wrong.

Build a bot with the Genesys PureCloud platform and Amazon Lex

Take a front-row seat to hear how this contact center integration will upgrade your IT infrastructure. Learn how to practically apply Amazon Lex and machine learning to replace your legacy IVR and overcome common IVR problems.

3 Insights For Crafting An Effective Review Request Email Drip Campaign

You've asked your customer for a review face to face. You did everything you were supposed to do. They're really happy with you, but your customer has decided to blow you off. What do you do? Is it worth it to send a reminder or are you more likely to come off as a pest?

What Is Local Content and Why Is It Important To Small Businesses?

6 Businesses That Are Immune To Negative Reviews

Look at this horrible review. " I ordered a brand new midi keyboard. When I received it, it came used, abused, and broken all over with missing power cord in a rotten box. " If you're like many shoppers, you read a negative review like this and an unpleasant picture comes to mind.

4 Self-Destructive Review Management Worst Practices To Avoid

How To Get Your Unhappy Customers To Change a Bad Review

Frost & Sullivan White Paper–CX Innovation Through Agile & DevOps

Organizations are continuously improving their CX systems in an effort to keep up with customer demands. Automation increases quality and accelerates innovation. Learn how adopting Agile/DevOps will accelerate innovation and exceed customer expectations.

Why Fake Reviews Are Like Fake News and What You Can Do About It

Can I trust you? It's the question your customers want an answer to. It's also why customers turn to online reviews from a trustworthy, unbiased third-party source. Fake reviews are the problem. Customers can’t always trust marketers to deliver on their promises.

Senior Citizen Reviews: Getting Amazing Reviews From Low-Tech Customers

Agency Strategy: Providing Managed vs. Self-Service Marketing Solutions

Your clients are desperate. They just don't know it yet. Most won't realize they are, until it's too late. It's a common but unfortunate part of self-service marketing. Small business owners aren't as focused on review management as they should be. Until they're flooded with negative reviews.

Why Large Enterprises Are So Bad At Review Management

They're horrible at it. When it comes to online reviews, most large enterprises are terrible. At first glance this doesn't make sense. These massive corporations attract some of the best employees. They have massive budgets and resources that smaller companies don't.

eBook: Top 6 Benefits of Improving CX Assurance

More and more organizations understand the value of delivering a high-quality customer experience and investing in improving their CX assurance processes. Automating testing and monitoring, top the list of ways to improve their CX assurance efforts.

6 Review Request Scripts For Your Support and Sales Team

You've built a fantastic product or service. Most of your customers are happy. Naturally, you'd like to spread the word. The obvious question is, how? How do you acquire online reviews at scale? The simple answer? Review request scripts. At some point, you'll need to rely on your team.

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How To Get a Meeting With the Head Honcho To Pitch Services

If you need to reach decision makers, you’ll need to know how to get a meeting first. If you’re an experienced seller, you know how tough this is. Decision makers instruct gatekeepers to screen salespeople out. Busy executives do everything they can to avoid them.

How to Educate Clients on What Matters Most In Local Marketing

Clients are confused. They're not really sure where they should focus their attention. Should they focus on local business listings, reviews or leads? What about content, social media and call tracking - how much attention do they dedicate to those channels and tactics?

How to Encourage Customers to Use Keywords in their Online Reviews

That’s right, we’re going to be discussing keywords. There are probably a few of you reading this who just rolled your eyes and said “Keywords? What is this, 2008?” It’s true that keywords may not be the sexiest marketing tactic to discuss lately.

How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Learn 5 actions your organization can take right now to improve the customer experience.

5 More Unique Email Templates for Requesting Online Reviews

Don’t you dare! Don’t ask for that. The voice in our head screams danger when it’s time to ask customers for reviews. You feel afraid. You know you’ve done an amazing job for them. Your product exceeded their expectations, your services offer more value for less money.

Does Your Local Business Need a Website in 2017?

Your website is dead… A growing number of “experts” say it is. These experts suggest that websites, as they exist now, are obsolete and unnecessary. Some are more cautious, stating that a mobile friendly website is enough. Are they right? It’s 2017.

3 Strategies For Prospecting Online Review Management Clients

Selling Review Management: How To Get Your Agency’s Foot In The Door

Customer Experience Transformation in Telecoms

Transforming CX: Critical success factors mobile operators are looking for.

An Online Review Playbook For Service Area Businesses

How to Turn Your Business’s Google Reviews Into Marketing Materials

Encouraging reviews is one of the most important things small businesses can do to boost their reputation online. Check out these statistics about the impact of reviews : 72% of shoppers say that positive reviews make them trust local businesses more.

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Paid Advertising Solutions For Hyperlocal Businesses: The Most Bang For Your Buck

Is your local business forgettable, easy-to-ignore? If you're running a local business, you know the value your product or service provides. That's the problem, your prospects don't. It's tough to draw more of them into your business because you're a hyperlocal business.

Location Marketing: Catchy Buzzword or Essential Marketing Strategy?

Give me what I want, or else. Customers expect you to give them what they want. They expect you to get them, to "do your research." It's a paradox though, isn't it? They expect you to know but they refuse to tell. When you do use your research, customers often respond with frustration and fear.

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

This cheat sheet covers ten fundamentals of customer service to help your business excel.

What is the Google Home Service Ads Program?

Change has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Especially when you work in an industry with as many moving parts as digital media marketing. When it comes to digital, change is more than just inevitable — it’s a way of life.

How To Get Business Owner Buy-in For Online Review Management

How To Sell Online Review Management To Enterprises and Franchises

What’s the Difference Between Business Reviews and Product Reviews?

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5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.