October, 2016

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CX process mapping: Kill a stupid rule

Customer Bliss

We spend a lot of time in companies discussing “process mapping,” which is — theoretically, and sometimes in reality — a way to make our processes more effective. Customer-driven growth engines are nearly impossible in this context. When you have stupid rules and layers of process mapping, you have annoyed, possibly burnt-out employees. Stupid rules interfere with that.

Innovative Service: Emotional Connections for Great Experience

Wired and Dangerous

76% of wired and dangerous customers today say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Walk into one of your favorite service providers and you immediately feel the difference in the experience that makes this establishment one of your chosen few. What is the difference? How can you make a strong emotional connection with customers?

10 Steps To Mapping Your Current Customer Journey

Kerry Bodine

Of the four types of customer journey maps , the current-state map is the most ubiquitous. That’s not surprising, given how many organizations are trying to understand their customers’ current pain points and improve the customer experience. Wondering how you can get started mapping your own organization’s current-state journey map? Follow these 10 steps: 1. Choose key personas and their journeys.

5 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations


Customer satisfaction is dependent upon knowing your customers’ needs and expectations. But your ability to meet, and even exceed customer expectations is often dependent upon what customers think their experience should look like. With careful consideration and a few adjustments, you could be a master of customer expectation management. Understanding Your Customer’s Expectations. Country/region.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.

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Executive leadership in the Age of the Customer

Customer Bliss

The fifth of my customer experience competencies is one-company accountability, leadership, and culture. Ultimately, this refers to executive leadership. How are they approaching customer issues? Are they on the same page? Each week on my podcast , a different CCO-level leader talks about this one-company leadership culture. One-company executive leadership: The key questions.

What Makes Great Customer Service Great?

Wired and Dangerous

Today’s wired and dangerous customers crave organizations that consistently deliver great service and create emotional connections with customers. Do you have people in your organization who consistently deliver great customer service? We walked into the Marriott Windsor, Connecticut on a Monday about 8:20pm after a two hour flight from Atlanta to find a crowd at the Front Desk. Jason asked.

Do Customer Journeys Drive Your Content Strategy?

Kerry Bodine

This journey map for the Exploratorium , a science museum in San Francisco, is one of my favorites. That’s because the folks at the former design agency Adaptive Path (which was acquired by Capital One back in 2014) did a great job of highlighting two key things: 1) The entirety of the customer experience. But from visitors’ perspectives, there’s much more involved. Kudos to the Exploratorium! .

15 Customer Retention Strategies for Long-Term Customer Loyalty


Your customer retention is super important to your bottom line—after all, customer loyalty is well-known for being more valuable than customer acquisition. But 68% of consumers will not go back to a provider once they’ve left, and 80% of them believe the company could have done more to retain their business in the first place. Relationship Marketing Strategies. Enhance your blog. eBooks.

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Let's look at how the customer experience of an angry customer informs strategy, and how companies can transform frustrated customers into delighted ones.

Why Customer Development Is Crucial to Every Businesses Success


Customer engagement and feedback are powerful tools for every company—but many startups see them as an afterthought, focusing all of their energies on selling more products and gaining more users. But what these companies are missing is that customers are their best advocates. 92 percent of people believe word-of-mouth recommendations trump traditional marketing and advertising.

Put the Customer in the Driver’s Seat: Why Your Company Should Do Customer Journey Mapping


Regardless of where you work or how long you have been with a company, most of us have experienced a situation where we discover that some process or approach to doing business has “always been done that way.” How organizations handle the customer experience, following up with customer concerns, and fixing customer problems often fall. View Article

Double talk can murder CX strategy

Customer Bliss

Double talk. It can feel like it’s everywhere sometimes. Let me be a little bit blunt to open this post, although I think many of you may have experienced this at least once. In short? Customer culture is talked about by many leaders, but ultimately misunderstood by most organizations. Let’s do a quick example. This happens with CX work too. How do you avoid the double talk?

Market research as a profit center: How smart companies use customer feedback to generate revenue

Vision Critical

One of the biggest disruptions in the market research industry is the monetization of the research practice. According to research expert Ray Poynter, more insight teams are generating revenue by providing market research data and other value-added services to partners, sponsors and advertisers. Here are some highlights from the session. Build thought leadership and brand awareness.

Are Your Technology Decisions Killing Your Customer Experience?

Read this eBook to learn how your database technology decisions can affect your ability to deliver either a transformational customer experience or a lackluster, dissatisfying encounter that benefits your competitors, not your bottom line.

3 Steps To Better Customer Research

Kerry Bodine

In a recent post, I talked about the trade-offs between quantitative and qualitative research. Here’s a quick summary: Neither is better than the other. Rather, they each have their relative strengths and weaknesses. But in order to get the most out of each research method, you need to properly sequence quantitative and qualitative research activities during your customer research efforts.

Data 79

Tools to Put the Customer at the Center of All You Do

CX Journey

Image courtesy of reynermedia Trying to ensure the customer gets the attention she deserves within your company? Striving to make yours a customer-centric company? How does the customer become the center of attention for your organization? What tools should you have in your customer-centric toolbox? Why does he do that? After all, you are in business to create and to nurture customers. And more.

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?


We don’t want to ruin your good mood, but humor us for a moment and think back to a time when a company made you angry. Specifically, remember that moment you contacted customer service because of some error, mishap, or malfunction, only to hang up the phone feeling even more irritated. If you resolved to never do business with that company again, we wouldn’t be surprised. We’d love to help.

National Customer Service Week Blog: Twenty Five Ways to Show Your Loyalty to Your Customers

Wired and Dangerous

Greetings, Welcome to this special blog marking National Customer Service Week – October 3 – 7. We hope you are delivering special care and appreciation to your customers this week but also every other week. Most customer relationships don’t end in conflict. Most vanilla to death. Great relationships are fueled by affirmation. It must be fertilized with attention and care.

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

Begin or improve your customer satisfaction program with these 5 ready to use templates.

Customer defection: Prevent it in three quick steps

Customer Bliss

Every leader I’ve ever worked with is concerned about, and wants to prevent, customer defection. As we all know, though, customer defection does happen — and often it happens because of unclear issues around that same leadership. For as much as the modern business world is beginning to talk about “culture,” many people miss the point. Give permission. Prove it with action.

Generation Z statistics: New report on the values, attitudes and behaviors of the post-Millennials

Vision Critical

Generation Z, the cohort born between 1996 and 2010, is ready for the spotlight. Finally escaping the shadows of the generations before them, many Gen Zers are now entering the workforce. As a result, their spending power, currently valued at $44 billion , is growing every day. Also known as Gen Z, iGeneration (iGen) or Net Gen, this cohort is massive and influential. In U.S. Realistic techies.

10 Steps To Mapping Your Current Customer Journey

Kerry Bodine

Of the four types of customer journey maps , the current-state map is the most ubiquitous. That’s not surprising, given how many organizations are trying to understand their customers’ current pain points and improve the customer experience. Wondering how you can get started mapping your own organization’s current-state journey map? Follow these 10 steps: 1. Choose key personas and their journeys.

The History of Customer Service: Ticket Troubleshooting to Proactive and Personal


Can you imagine a world where customer service was over physical mail? You sit down at your typewriter, write out a wordy letter, send it into the head office that’s located halfway across the country, and wait a few weeks for a reply? Or, go further back in time: you purchase an item from an independent store, and when you get home you find it’s defective. Me neither! Let’s find out. And so on.

Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Take a second to reflect on the brands you love. How do you go about creating an awesome customer experience strategy that works for your own customers?

Improve the Experience by Asking the Impossible Questions


Asking questions without limitations can lead to a better experience for your customers. The post Improve the Experience by Asking the Impossible Questions appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Blog Customer Experience Featured customer service employee engagement leadership linkedin management

Weology: We Comes Before Me - Part 1

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Peter Aceto Does your company practice Weology? Weology. What is it? If you guessed that it sounds like "the study of we," you're pretty close. The name of the concept stems from a Muhammad Ali poem, which simply goes like this: Me. Three unique letters rearranged into two powerful little words. Why is this important? When Me thrives, We benefit. Hold that thought for a minute.

Customer churn: The pipeline that shall save you

Customer Bliss

Customer churn is bad. You don’t want it, obviously. In a perfect utopia, all your customers would stay in the fold, retain, and refer you to other new customers. That’s the apex of a customer-driven growth engine, and it’s essentially the polar opposite of customer churn. But we all know the quote, often attributed to Warren Buffett. How do you prevent customer churn, though?

inContact Recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s 2016 Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Magic Quadrant


For the 2 nd year in a row, inContact was positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s annual Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Magic Quadrant. Positioning in the Magic Quadrant is based on two criteria: Ability to Execute , and Completeness of Vision. amassed a large installed base of both large and small customers. They also benefit from being able. integration to a variety of third-party systems.

7 Steps to Elevate Your Customers' Experience

Learn how to walk through your customer's journey in order to improve their satisfaction and engagement

Contact Centers aren’t Ready for Omnichannel


The potential of “omnichannel” when it comes to contact centers is undeniable. Your customers prefer different modes of communication—phone, email, chat, social media… Let them choose how they connect with and receive support from your contact center agents, and you score high for ease of doing business, right? But omnichannel can have a dark side. Here’s why. That’s not a recipe for success.

When Customers Become Customer Prospects


Last week, my husband and I officially became what I call “customer prospects.” After having the same home insurance provider for over 16 years, we pulled the trigger and made the decision to make a switch. We are what the industry calls “in market,” as we look at other providers and begin to compare and. View Article

Embedding Customer Centricity: The Customer Experience Jigsaw Puzzle


As someone who spent 17 years working in a corporate environment, I have experienced enough metaphors and analogies to last me a lifetime. Often, the use of both come across as either patronising, irritating, or indeed both!! That being said, in reality, I am actually as guilty as using them to get a point across as anyone else! How many customer segments should we have? I could go on.