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Voice of the Customer: The Beginner’s Guide


What does the Voice of the Customer really mean? Voice of the Customer is a business and technology term used to describe a process that is designed to capture customer’s expectations, preferences, experiences, and feedback. Understanding the Voice of the Customer. In short, the Voice of the Customer should guide and shape the direction of your business strategy. Should you really be listening?

Customer Engagement In Today’s Media-Driven World: A Guide


What is Customer Engagement? Customer engagement is used to describe the effect, reaction, connection, response, or experience of customers with one another or with a company or a brand. In today’s customer-driven world, customer engagement has increasingly become an initiative led not by the business or company, but rather by the customers themselves. Engagement Means Commitment. What to do?

Customer Experience Management Software in Today’s Crazy World


My Friday Night Adventure. My wife and were recently shopping for a new television. Our old TV had started to emit an annoying buzz and would occasionally shut off on its own accord. She said she was tired of adjusting the volume to match the high-pitch squeal.  At least that was the aggravated response she gave me when I asked why we were purchasing a new TV. You must find a floor model.

Customer Experience Management is Essential to Your Business


I want to connect to a company and understand their beliefs. They sent me a new one! This company really rocks. Company policies matter to me. Are they paying their employees? I’ve heard bad things. want them to fix my shoe issue and do it right. STILL haven’t heard back from company A. I am so frustrated! These are customer comments I found this morning on various retail shopping sites.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Customer Satisfaction Surveys… and Why You Should Care


I recently bought new car insurance. It wasn’t a purchase I expected to make, since I had planned to go without a car for a year. The no-car situation was an experiment to see if I could live in my southern city without one. would take the bus when necessary, but mainly I would use the bicycle that had been sitting unused in my garage for years. My insurance agent was efficient. It took 4 minutes.

Enterprise Feedback Management: Understanding The Need


Understanding enterprise feedback management is essential in today’s economy. If your need is to increase company profits and retain customers, and you already have provided a quality product, then managing your customers concerns with a overall system is where you are obligated to focus next. Today, Enterprise Feedback Management systems are used by diligent businesses in many different sectors such as travel, retail, health industries, financial services (such as brokerage and bank institutions), manufacturing, etc. What is customer feedback and will you buy my dishwasher?  . John T.

How to Calculate NPS Score


The Net Promoter Score (NPS) acts as an indicator of the satisfaction of your customers. Scores range from -100 to 100 and measures the willingness of customers to recommend your brand and services to others. The score can be used to gauge overall customer satisfaction and a foundation of a measurement framework to improve satisfaction. Here’s a breakdown on how to calculate NPS score. Calculate NPS Score. Customers are surveyed on a single question, using a 0-10 rating scale. How likely is it that you would recommend this company’s product or service to a friend or a colleague?

More on the positive ties between good CX and revenue

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I wrote a few weeks ago about how good CX is tied to revenue gains.  I firmly believe that and preach it to all my clients and anyone I ever work with. It works. But at the same time, last week I found an article/press release on Yahoo! Finance indicating that — perhaps — CX hiring would go down in 2017. The article was anecdotal more than anything else. firmly believe that.

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How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Customer Journey Management – it’s not just about the mapping!


Customer Experience is now recognised as a profession – as I am sure many are bored with hearing me repeat over and over again! As with any profession, it is defined by a number of competencies, tools, techniques and methodologies that are recognised and practised by thousands of specialists around the world. collage of customer journey maps! Some are simple. Some are complicated.

How 6 marketing leaders plan to improve customer experience

Vision Critical

Two-thirds of CMOs are now on the hook for improving customer experience (CX). Despite all the recent buzz about CX becoming a bigger part of the marketing function, however, CMOs have yet to really step up to the plate. According to a 2016 study by Deloitte and the CMO Council , only a small minority of marketing leaders have made significant progress in improving CX. On one side, you have value.

Customer Service Trends 2017: An Effortless Customer Experience is Vital for Loyalty


“In the old world, you devoted 30% of your time to building a great service and 70% of your time to shouting about it. In the new world, that inverts.” ” – Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon. Customers expect top-notch service, with no patience or loyalty for companies that don’t provide it. They can easily search for a better alternative to your product or service. Bain & Company.

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What Makes Customers Unhappy? Avoid These 3 Pitfalls

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Guest Post by Michael Becker, content strategist at Sharpen. Better customer experiences equal happier customers. And happier customers are what carries business forward. They buy more, buy more often, and share their experiences with others. Though keeping customers happy is important, it isn’t always an easy task. Avoid these three pitfalls in order to keep customers happy. 1. Nobody is perfect.

The Omnichannel Customer Engagement Playbook

14 Articles to Help You Deliver Flawless Customer Experiences in 2017


Narrowing down to a handful of posts to round up a year is tough. It’s easy to rush into 2017 without appreciating the good parts of 2016: there is now a lot of great content out there that supports you, the customer advocating superhero! How do you round off a year that’s been so good to the customer service industry? To remember why we do our jobs in the first place: the customer.

How to Implement Experiential Marketing and Brand Loyalty Into Your CX Strategy


Today’s connected world and ever-present technology have changed the way we think about engaging with companies. Whether you’re a major corporation, or a bustling startup, people expect their interactions to be something that wows them. Simple ads are important, but they are just a piece of the puzzle. In today’s world, companies need to create. View Article

What will CX look like in 2017?

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Over the holidays, I read two interesting articles about customer experience. The first one, from  Forbes , is called “Five Bold Expert Predictions For 2017.” ”  (I am not among these experts, no.) The second article is from  Harvard Business Review  and called “The Most Common Reasons Customer Experience Programs Fail.” Let’s dive deeper. Chatbots. Omnichannel.

Voice of the customer: Your 4-point action plan

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Customer experience work has been evolving for years, and it’s now on the radar of more execs than ever before. As such, you have a lot of thought leaders out there up-selling voice of the customer plans. But how exactly do you get to voice of the customer correctly? Let’s try a four-point action plan. Voice of the Customer Step 1: Data. OK, I will briefly. In short, smash those silos.

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Are Your Technology Decisions Killing Your Customer Experience?

CX process mapping: Kill a stupid rule

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We spend a lot of time in companies discussing “process mapping,” which is — theoretically, and sometimes in reality — a way to make our processes more effective. Customer-driven growth engines are nearly impossible in this context. When you have stupid rules and layers of process mapping, you have annoyed, possibly burnt-out employees. Stupid rules interfere with that.

What 1000 Consumers Say About Bad Customer Service


CONTENTS. Intro: Word of mouth marketing. 1: The importance of getting it right first time. 2: Our experiment. 3: The results. 4: What this means for your business. 5: Is it too late to win the customer back? 6. What you can do to rectify bad customer service. Takeaways. Intro: Word of mouth marketing. At Kayako, we help our customers get better at customer service. Jeff Bezos (Founder, Amazon).

2017: The Year Of The Journey

Kerry Bodine

Over the last decade, journey maps have transformed from obscure design artifacts to common customer experience tools. And they’re not just for CX professionals anymore. These conversations paralleled many others that I’ve had over the past year with clients hailing from marketing, process improvement, and quality assurance. In short, excitement for journey maps has reached fever pitch.

3 Powerful No-Sweat Customer Experience Quick Fixes


Working day after day on the same set of projects and goals can make us a little complacent about what customers really need from us. Too often, we convince ourselves that what happens within our walls doesn’t have a direct impact on the experiences we deliver. Customer experience is huge and all-encompassing, so many think of improving it […].

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

Customer experience improvement program: 2017 assets

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It’s been a busy 2016. Here we are, finally, at the last month of the year. know most of you have already started 2017 strategy planning (or finished it), but I wanted to put together a bunch of customer experience improvement program assets in one place. You can clip and save this post to review during the holidays and get ready for 2017. We just posted Episode No. And, best of all?

The Subtle Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service


The term ‘customer service’ evokes nostalgia for sales clerks in long aprons in country town emporiums. Some see it as the old-fashioned version of customer support. Many people can’t distinguish between terms ‘customer support’ and ‘customer service’. It’s confusing! But businesses may be looking at naming conventions from the wrong perspective. SaaS companies and support teams.

How to Make Customer Experience Magic with Co-Creation Sessions (part 1)


Are you looking for ideas to help improve the experience you’re delivering to customers? Customers are often full of great ideas, but they’re waiting for you to ask! We often focus on the negative feedback we get from customers. After all, an honest complaint is a great opportunity to improve the experience, so we should see each […].

Is Emotional Intelligence Key To Outstanding Customer Service?


Working in customer support can leave you feeling like an unrecognized or unsung hero. Praise is often in short supply and there is a lack of awareness about areas of responsibility and how much work the support team does. Within a brief conversation the agent is expected to engage each customer, fix their problem and move on swiftly to help others. That’s for technical knowledge. Self-Regulation.

Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Is Net Promotor Score still the best metric for measuring Customer Satisfaction?


Developed and first introduced in 2003 by Fred Reicheld, Bain and Company and Satmetrix, Net Promoter Score® (NPS 1 ) has become somewhat of the definitive metric for gauging customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consistently in use by over 66% of Fortune 1000 companies and tens of thousands of customer-centric organizations worldwide, NPS has certainly had a profound influence on global marketing, business strategies, tactics and techniques. But that said, it begs the question: Is NPS still the most effective tool to measure true customer satisfaction and loyalty, accurately and reliably?

The proactive approach to customer complaints

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Customer complaints are everywhere, and happen all the time. The word “complaints” is a bad word, yes — on the surface. But there’s power in customer complaints, just as there’s power in any feedback. Quickly, before we get to the action items on this post: think of your favorite brands. Consider brands that you love. You buy from them all the time. But how?

5 Ways to Improve B2B Customer Engagement Through Omnichannel Tactics

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Guest Post by Robert C. Johnson: Robert is  co-founder and CEO of , a cloud-based, B2B software application built to help customer-facing support teams serve clients better through stronger collaboration, superior teamwork, and faster issue resolution. Here are 5 ways B2B companies are currently implementing these strategies through modern customer support software…. 1. Johnson.

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Executive leadership in the Age of the Customer

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The fifth of my customer experience competencies  is one-company accountability, leadership, and culture. Ultimately, this refers to executive leadership. How are they approaching customer issues? Are they on the same page? Each week on my podcast , a different CCO-level leader talks about this one-company leadership culture. One-company executive leadership: The key questions.

7 Steps to Elevate Your Customers' Experience

The Customer Experience Hokey Cokey! Why do companies find it so hard to commit to CX?


As a child growing up, no birthday party was complete without a rousing rendition of the Hokey Cokey. Also known as the ‘Hokey Pokey’ in some parts of the world, according to Wikipedia, it originates in a British folk dance, with variants attested as early as 1826. your right arm out. In, out, in, out, You shake it all about. You do the Hokey Cokey and you turn around.

Digital storytelling: The unabashed power in CX

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Digital storytelling is crucial in customer experience. Before we get deep into digital storytelling and how to maximize your processes around it, let’s briefly set up  why  storytelling as a whole — and especially digital storytelling — is important in the current business climate. The importance of digital storytelling. They have to do storytelling.”. Leave some comments!

Yes, good CX is tied to revenue gains

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A question I get sometimes:  “Of course we want to value customers, but is doing so definitely tied to revenue?”  ”  The answer is unequivocally yes. I’ve been talking about this for years, as have many of my colleagues, professional acquaintances, and friends. If you boost customer experience, you boost revenue. Yes, yes, and yes. This creates “a paradox of choice.”

NPS: Achieving Brand Loyalty by Closing the Feedback Loop


This is a guest post from our friends at Typeform. Paul Paul Campillo will show you the value of choosing NPS as your next customer feedback questionairre. Every company wants loyal customers. Sure, sales are great, but nothing beats sales from repeat customers. That’s the goal of every business. Not a gazillion “maybe” fans, but diehard fans who’ll gladly pay, over and over again. Case in point.

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